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Trandesk is a leading supplier of standing desks. Trandesk provides you with an Ergonomic Workspace Solution Base On Standing Desk.
Our product provides you with Manual Standing Desk Frame office or home standing desk solutions.
We have accumulated a wealth of experience through trial and error. We have pushed our manufacturing skills and automation equipment to the leading position in the industry for more than three years.

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TV lift Supplier & Manufacturer in China-TranDesk

There is no better place to get a reliable TV lift other than Trandesk. Trandesk makes the best, dependable, and ultra-quiet TV lifts ever seen in the industry. Every TV lift made by Trandesk is engineered and designed with homeowners and professionals in mind. Trandesk TV lifts cover a wide area of use including within boats, homes, conference rooms, boardrooms, and offices.

Trandesk TV lifts are built to suit most TV sizes in the market – and all our TV lifts come with a comprehensive installation guide, remote control, and all necessary accessories that you need. With Trandesk TV lift, you have access to an audio-visual solution to make life as simple as it gets. Whether you need a TV lift for your TV cabinet, for meetings, or conferences, Trandesk is the best option for top-notch TV lifts anywhere in the world.


  • Customized designs to meet your expectations
  • Adjustable and flexible
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Durability and stability through pinion designs
  • Safety function embedded in all designs to enable reverse functionality
  • Wireless remote control functions
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Very sturdy design


Designed and manufactured by the top TV lift manufacturers, the Trandesk TV lift is a perfect fit for offices, homes, yachts, hotels, conference rooms, boardrooms, and any place that requires storing a TV while not in use. Having a perfect TV lift can add beauty to your space, brings value, and peace of mind.

Get in line with the leading trend in the industry by making Trandesk your TV lift supplier. Get an affordable TV lift that offers the best and desired quality. Here at Trandesk, we can deliver TV lift wholesale for your office, home, or anywhere.


The need for the safety of your appliances is a top priority for you and many businesses across different industries. Having a product that helps you manage your space when the TV is not in use is a plus to space management. This implies that Trandesk TV lift applies to many businesses, offices, homes, conference rooms, and places that need you to store your TV while not in use.


Trandesk TV lift factory is referred to as the “kingdom of TV lift production”. Trandesk remains the leading producer of TV lifts with top of the class technology and experts in the production industry. Trandesk has one of the most spacious TV lift factories that give them the edge in carrying out all manufacturing best practices. With our professionals and A-grade technology, you are sure to get a TV lift that is precise, impeccable, and built to your taste.

Trandesk makes use of leading technologies like automatic laser cutting machine, packaging machine, and even the top-notch robot welding machine. We simply apply the best to get you the best. Making Trandesk your TV lift supplier is the best choice anyone can make.


Trandesk has long been a vision-driven company in the furniture production industry. With a passion for quality and simplicity, Trandesk is the leading TV lift manufacturer. Known all over the world for quality furniture solutions that meet the needs of your homes and offices, Trandesk is devoted and committed to producing long-lasting products.

Our standing desk product line includes:

Our Industry-leading design capabilities

  • Sit-stand desk custom foot
  • Customizable colors of your choice
  • Foldable table frames
  • High-speed standing desk
  • Lightweight designs

Our teams of professionals work inexorably to ensure that you get 100% satisfaction. Also, all our products meet both environmental and production compliance regulations. Regulations Trandesk is compliant to include UL, SAA, BIFMA, and many more.

With Trandesk, you get:

  • Protective packaging for all products
  • Lower conveyance cost due to lighter designs
  • Zero logistic issues
  • the production capacity of more than 15,000 products
  • 5-year guarantee for all products

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How to build TV Lift Cabinet

TV Lift - The Ultimate Q/A

How does a TV Lift work?


Figure 1: TV Lift

TV Lift allows users to add a futuristic mechanism to desks and cabinets. A TV Lift comes in various sizes but its function is still the same. All the TV Lifts are designed to lift and lower the TV that is put in it.

For most TV Lifts, you get a remote control. Using the remote control, you can change the TV Lift mechanism to your desired position. There are also switches on the TV Lifts that will let you manually control the lifting of your TV.

How to install a TV Lift?

Figure 2 Installing the TV LIFT

Installing TV Lifts can be a challenge. Trandesk just made it easier for you to assemble and install it. Follow these three simple steps to install the TV Lift with minimal effort:

Step 1: Mounting the lift mechanism

Mount the Trandesk’s TV Lift Mechanism to your desired place. Mostly, it’s a cabinet, wall, or maybe even floor using the screws that you’ll get with the TV Lift.

Step 2: Install the control box with a power supply

In the second step, you have to do the wiring and mounts. Install the Trandesk Lift Mount with Power Supply so that the wire management can easily be done. (Please read the instruction manual for more.)

Step 3: Attaching the TV to TV Brackets for TV Lift Mechanism

Install the TV into the bracket. Note that the bracket will be installed at the back of the TV and lock right into the place.

What is the difference between Pop Up TV and Drop Down TV Lift?

Figure 3 Drop Down Vs Pop Up TV Lift

Drop Down TV Lift

As the name suggests, Drop Down TV Lift is used to move the TV downwards. The main purpose of using Drop DOwn TV Lift is to make it come down from a ceiling or a cabinet. At Trandesk, we deal in all sorts of TV Lifts.

Pop Up TV Lift

Pop Up TV Lift mechanism incorporates moving the TV upwards. The TV goes back into its desired location when the movements are canceled. For the most part, Pop Up TV Lifts are attached to a cabinet.

The Pop Up TV Lift is also bottom or back-mounted, and it makes the movement flawless and smooth.

Which TV Lift is ideal for my use? – Choosing the best TV Lift Mechanism

In this section, we are going to talk about how to choose the best TV Lift for you. Here are some things that make the TV Lift ideal for your use.

1.Size of the TV Lift

When we talk about size matters, it means the size of the TV Lift is everything. You can choose the thinnest TV Lift but it will only give you and your TV harm. At Trandesk, we provide the optimal size for a TV Lift mechanism that is sturdy and it has the right size.

  1. Remote Control Feature

There are two types of remote controls that you can get with a TV Lift. One is the IR Remote and the other one is Radio Frequency Remote. We recommend using the Radio Frequency Remote as it has a better range and it’s reliable compared to the IR Remote.

IR Remote might not work if the TV is hidden into the bracket. However, if there’s a space available for the IR and the TV to make contact, you can always choose IR over Radio.

What are the types of TV Lifts?

Figure 4: Drop Down vs Pop Up TV Lift

Some of the most used types of TV Lifts are below:

  1. Floor Lift

A Floor Lift incorporates the TV into the floor itself. You’ll need a Radio Frequency Remote to make the TV come up. But the Floor Lift is ideal for a lot of reasons. It completely hides your TV under the floor, making it look cleaner.

  1. Pop Up Lift Mechanism

By the use of Cabinets, Pop Up Lift Mechanism hides your TV into one. Whenever you want to pop out, it will come in an upward motion, making the scene look flawless.

  1. Swivel Lift Mechanism

The Swivel mechanism incorporates the TV sliding or dropping down in a swiveling manner. It doesn’t matter where you’re sitting. This mechanism is great for larger rooms and halls where a lot of people are sitting.

  1. Drop Down Mechanism

The TV in Drop Down Lift Mechanism is shifted from above to down, making it look like it’s coming from the ceiling. When you want it to go back, it’ll flawlessly move back to its location.

6. Where do you buy the most affordable TV Lifts?

Figure 5: Affordable TV Lift

When it comes to companies, conferences are a must. For that purpose, Trandesk is providing TV Lifts internationally at a very affordable rate. Whether you’re looking for a TV Lift for a home or an enterprise, TranDesk has got you covered.

Visit the link to get a custom quote

7. Are there any TV Lifts for flat-screen TVs?

Figure 6: TV Lift for Flat Screen


TranDesk’s Ergonomic TV Lifts are ideal for flat-screen TVs. Our TV Lifts won’t damage your screens either. Moreover, with such a sturdy frame, it makes sure that the TV isn’t in danger and that the mechanism is successful every time.

8. Is it ideal to install a TV lift into a cabinet?

Figure 7: TV Lift for Cabinet

It depends on your choice. If you want a TV Lift Mechanism in-home, we’d suggest you install a TV Lift into the cabinet. It’s cheap. It requires less hassle in installing. And most of all, it’s super-reliable.

9. Are TV Lifts fragile and dangerous? Should I use it?

When you install a TV Lift, it can damage your products. You should always let a professional handle the installation process. But if you’re talking about the frame itself, we provide the sturdiest ones. By using TranDesk’s frame, you won’t have any problems.

10. Does Trandesk provide a TV Lift for cabinets only?

At TranDesk, we have a lot of choices to choose from. We provide a TV Lift for cabinets, for the conference, and meeting. According to your requirements, we have already given multiple choices to the users.

11. Does Trandesk provide international shipping for TV Lifts? How can I calculate the TAX?

TranDesk provides international shipping. So, no matter where you are, we’ve got you covered. If you want to calculate the shipping and tax, you can use SimplyDuty to know the exact amount that you’ll have to pay for the taxes.

12. Can TV Lifts be installed in a way that it goes up to down?

Figure 8: TV Lift for Ceiling

Yes! This type of TV Lift Mechanism is called Drop-Down Mechanism. It makes the TV come from a ceiling to a downwards motion. For the most part, the TV goes into a ceiling and comes from up to down motion.

13. Are Trandesk’s TV Lifts providing anti-collision?

All of TranDesk’s TV Lifts are Anti-Collision. This technology is hard to come by as most TV Lift users go through this problem every day. But at TranDesk, we believe that excellence is the way to go.

14. What is the max weight TV Lifts can hold?

All of TranDesk’s TV Lifts and stands can hold up to 80KGs of weight. Anything over that is not recommended. So, you should always know the TV’s weight before installing TV Lifts on it.

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