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Standing Desk With Storage provides more storage space for the standing desk. In the office, storage is a requirement. Trandesk’s goal has always been to meet customer needs.

Trandesk can manufacture different types of Standing Desk With Storage, Sit Stand Desk With Drawers, Adjustable Standing Desk With Drawers, Stand Up Office Desk With Drawers, Stand Up Desk With Drawers, Adjustable Height Desk With Drawers, Adjustable Desk With Drawers, Electric Standing Desk With Drawers and more.

There is no issue with your standing desk. All Trandesk products have third-party testing, and internal quality control that is higher than the third-party testing standards, 5-year warranty.

Your Premier Standing Desk Manufacturer In China

Trandesk is China’s leading Standing Desk With Storage manufacturer with a history of more than 5 years.

Trandesk has 6 workshops, from mold processing, plastic parts processing, metal processing, powder coating, assembly, packaging, etc. to manufacture your standing desk.

With Trandesk’s advanced manufacturing technology and meticulous quality control system, we can provide customers with better products.

Trandesk Standing Desk Project

You can grow your furniture business use the Trandesk standing desk.

Trandesk uses special steel to ensure that the standing desk legs will not be deformed for a long time.

Trandesk provides a variety of personalized solutions, flexible loading, personalized product design, personalized product inventory plan, personalized packaging, etc.

Standing Desk With Storage Production Process


Raw Material Laser Cutting

Trandesk uses advanced laser cutting machines to ensure the fast and efficient production of standing desk legs, with a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, and advanced equipment to provide you with the best quality products.

Robot Automatic Welding

Trandesk use Robot Automatic Welding can ensure fast and accurate welding, effectively shortening the delivery time. Trandesk now has 6 robotic welding machines, and is still purchasing to meet customer order requirements.


Hand Fine Polishing

Trandesk uses a combination of manual and machine methods to ensure polishing.
Use manual flexibility to deal with the irregularities of welding scars, Trandesk flexible use to provide the highest quality manufacturing solutions to provide you with the best products.


Fully Automatic Powder Coating

Trandesk uses fully automatic powder coating to provide customers with consistent quality.

The automatic powder coating line can provide efficiency, reduce defective products, and ensure product uniformity, providing a good foundation for the subsequent assembly steps.


Semi-automatic Assembly

The Semi-automatic Assembly, which Trandesk independently participated in the design, can effectively increase production capacity and produce products with stable quality.

The QC process control unit is integrated to further improve quality.



Trandesk’s packaging and final quality control can provide customers with perfectly protected products.
Customized personalized packaging provides a good carrier for your brand promotion.
Trandesk also provides packaging solutions based on zero environmental impact, please contact us for more information

Standing Desk With Storage – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What if you are wondering about increasing the working convenience by adding more drawers to your desk?

Is your preference standing desks with plentiful storage for supplies and files?

Having an ample area in your sit stand working table will meet both these needs!

Below you will find some helpful questions about the types, uses, and arrangement of standing desks with storage.

Let’s take a look at the question section as under:

1.  What Is A Standing Desk With Storage?

A standing desk with storage is considered one of the commonest types of sit-stand desks available, with ample storage opportunity in the form of drawers and trays.

The adjustable standing desks with drawers are meant to provide an extra working space for those who need to keep the file and supplies while working.

The standup desks with the drawers help the users by reducing their back pain and solve the problem of keeping your essentials right beside you during your work.

Thus, the office workers and other people don’t have to suffer much for keeping their laptops and files in the workplace.

Almost every standing desk with shelves is equipped with a compatible tabletop that can bear the weight of the essentials present on it.

However, the presence of drawers does not influence the efficiency and working of the sit-stand adjustable desks with storage drawers.

They’re equipped with USB ports that enable the users to charge their laptops, mobile phones, and other essentials during working hours.

The electric sit-stand desks with drawers have electric motors that control the sit-stand motion, while the manual standing desks with the drawers have clamps.

Furthermore, the overall frame of the high-standing desk with drawers is made sturdy to bear the weight of the things placed in the drawers.

The highest quality of the material is also for manufacturing the standup tables with storage for increasing their reliability and lifetime.

Standing Desk With Storage   Figure 1: Standing Desk With Storage

2.  What Are The Specifications Of A Standing Desk With Storage?

The basic specifications of a standing desk with storage are explained as under:

  • They are famous for providing working convenience to the people in offices
  • They are designed with the sturdiest materials for providing enough support to the workers
  • They contain a versatile number of drawers to increase the ease of keeping essential things during working hours
  • Adjustable desks with drawers tend to change their heights according to the convenience of the user
  • They provide a surplus working area for those who have much more stuff to do
  • The drawers have a better weight bearing capacity than the standard desks
  • There are many versatile mounting points in the sit-stand desk with the drawers
  • There’s also a built-in case cable management for assisting a consistent power supply to many devices
  • The motors and manual clamps are compatible with the alteration of the working positions
  • They provide different height levels according to the heights of the users
  • The standing desks with storage are known for correcting the postural condition of the workers
  • They are also famous for improving the productivity of the office going persons
  • They seem like a healthier solution to the people who are suffering from backaches

You can explore Trandesk to know more about the typical specifications of the standing desk with storage.

Specifications Of A Standing Desk With StorageFigure 2: Specifications Of A Standing Desk With Storage

3.  What Are The Different Sizes Available In Standing Desk With Storage?

There are many different sizes available in standing desks with storage. Some of these sizes with the right height person are explained as under:

  • 6 ft/in for 5 ft person
  • 42 ft/in for 5 ft 1-inch person
  • 4 ft/in for 5 ft 2 inches person
  • 8 ft/in for 5 ft 8 inches person
  • 6 ft/in for 5 ft 10 inches person
  • 46 ft/in for 5 ft 11 inches person
  • 6 ft/in for 6 ft 3 inches
  • 48 ft/in for 6 ft 4 inches person
  • 4 ft/in for 6 ft 5 inches person
  • 9 ft/in for 6 ft 6 inches person
  • 3 ft/in for 6 ft 7 inches person
  • 7 ft/in for 6 ft 8 inches person
  • 1 ft/in for 6 ft 9 inches person
  • 5 ft/in for 6 ft 10 inches person
  • 9 ft/in for 6 ft 11 inches person

Different Sizes Available In StFigure 3: Different Sizes Available In Standing Desk With Storage

4.  Can I Get a Customized Standing Desk With Multiple Storage Options From China?

The sit standing storage desk can be customized with multiple storage options from different manufacturers in China.

China is the most famous country for the production of standing desks with drawers, and has a long list of trustworthy manufacturers who prefer fulfilling the needs of the customers.

However for customizing the table with multiple storage options includes choosing a different number of drawers, the arrangement of the drawers, and the size of the desk.

In addition to all these factors, the material type and the standing desk frame with the storage can also be customized.

You don’t have to suffer more for customizing your adjustable standing desk while having the support of a cooperative manufacturer.

You have to contact your manufacturer and reach out to their support team. Tell all your needs and demands to their consultants.

Make sure to tell everything that you want to be customized in the standing desk with drawers.

The manufacturer will provide you a top-notch quality sit stand storage tables in the given time duration.

Trandesk aims to fulfill the customers’ demands at reasonable prices.

You can reach the manufacturer by using their phone or email and get your customization services done.

Figure 4 Customized Standing DeskFigure 4: Customized Standing Desk

5.  What Are The Quality Certifications Of The Chinese Standing Desk With Storage Manufacturers?

The quality certifications that are involved in the processing and manufacturing of the standing desk with storage are explained as under:

  • ISO 9001 Standard

Many manufacturers use this quality standard to ensure the proper and trustworthy production of the standing desk with storage.

The authorities concerned and the quality organizations make sure to use this quality standard to ensure the manufacturer’s ability to meet the customer needs.

It also ensures everything about the demonstration of the continuous improvement in the technologies used in the production of a standing desk with storage.

  • UL Standard

UL certification is explained as the Underwriter Laboratories. It makes sure everything about the safety of the workers and the environment during the production of the sit-stand desk with drawers.

The safety organizations of each state set this standard for the manufacturing of the new products since it ensures the working of the manufactured product and its parts.

It is mainly used in North America to ensure the manufacturing process of the newly manufactured products.

  • SAA Standard

SAA is a third-party certificate used to issue a large number of certifications of approval for the production of declared and non-declared electric products.

This safety standard correctly complies with all the other safety standards. Thereby it makes sure about the safe operation of the standing desk with the drawers.

The SAA standard is mainly used in Australia for the environment-friendly and safe production premium level sit stand storage table with ample working space.

  • CE Certification

Another most essential quality certification that most of the manufacturers adopt during the manufacturing of the tables with storage is CE Certification.

It checks that everything in the manufacturing industry should be assessed and manufactured while meeting the EU safety measures.

Besides ensuring everything about the manufacturers’ safety, CE certification is also known for forming rules about environmental protection.

Trandesk is considered the best Chinese manufacturer to use all of the above qualities for manufacturing standup office desks with drawers.

Figure 5 Quality Certifications Of The Chinese Standing DeskFigure 5: Quality Certifications Of The Chinese Standing Desk

6.  What Type Of Storage Does A Standing Desk Can Have?

A standing desk has drawers, trays, and sliders in the form of storage alternatives.

Various tables are available with various storage options, including trays, a versatile number of drawers, extra storage boxes, and much more.

However, the type of storage in the standing desk depends on the choice of the user.

7.  What Are The Recommended Standing Desk Styles With Drawers By Trandesk?

Some recommended standing desk styles with drawers by the most reliable manufacturer – Trandesk are listed as under:

    Figure 6: Standing Desk Styles

8.  Why Standing Desks With Storage Are Better Than Normal Standing Desks?

Some potential reasons that prove that standing desks with storage are more efficient than the typical standing tables explained as under:

  • They have ample space for work as compared to the normal standing desks
  • There are many sizes available for the sit-stand desk with storage as compared to the normal standing desks
  • They are available with a versatile number of drawers than the normal standing desk
  • Unlike the normal standing desks, sit stand tables increase the productivity of the workers
  • They release the working space of the people by providing them a larger working space
  • Unlike the other standing desks, there are many options for moving the standing desks with storage
  • They are observed to reduce the back pain of the workers more efficiently
  • Unlike the regular standing desks, the sit-stand desks with drawers are famous for burning more calories
  • These standing desks with drawers help to give a better working position to the users for long hours
  • These standing desks with storage tend to improve the posture and tone muscles of the workers

You can explore the website of Trandesk to learn more about the effectiveness of standing desk with storage.

Figure 7 Standing Desks With StorageFigure 7: Standing Desks With Storage

9.  Is There Any Warranty Of Standing Desks With Storage?

The guarantee time of the sit stand storage tables is estimated at five or more than five years.

However, the warranty period of the standing desks with storage vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The duration of the warranty includes many necessary services such as the installation of the standing desks with drawers, the repair of damaged parts, and the replacement of the faulty standing desks.

You can contact the manufacturer to get a detailed overview of the warranty duration of the standing desk with storage.

Trandesk also provides a 5-year warranty for the different types of standing desks with drawers.

Figure 8 Warranty Of Standing Desks With StorageFigure 8: Warranty Of Standing Desks With Storage

10.How To Choose The Right Manufacturer Of Standing Desks With Storage?

You can choose the best and most reliable manufacturer of standing desks with storage by following the given steps:

  • Select the Reliable Manufacturer

Many trustworthy manufacturers are present in China that provide the best services for manufacturing standing desks with drawers.

Make sure to cut the options and select the most active manufacturer who can meet all your requirements as a customer.

  • Contact the Manufacturer

After choosing the correct type of manufacturer for the standing desk with storage, it’s time to reach out to the manufacturer.

You can use the phone number or the email provided on their website for contacting the manufacturer.

  • Explore the Different Desks

The famous standing desk manufacturers are always available with a wide variety of standing desks with drawers.

Thus, purchase the most demanded models of the standing desks.

  • Check the Quality of Manufacturing

It’s pretty important to check the quality of the standing desks with the drawers while choosing the best manufacturers.

Try to visit the manufacturing site to ensure the trustworthy process for producing different standing desks with storage.

  • Make Sure About Customization Services

Customization is one of the essential points you should look for when searching for the best manufacturer for the standing desk with drawers.

Contact the manufacturer to check the availability of different customization services at the manufacturing site.

Trandesk is one of those manufacturers that contain all of the properties mentioned above. So choosing it as your manufacturer will not be the wrong choice.

Figure 9 Manufacturer Of Standing Desks With StorageFigure 9: Manufacturer Of Standing Desks With Storage

11.What Are The Other Factors To Consider While Buying A Standing Desk With Storage?

Some key points that you should consider during the purchase of highest quality of the standing desk with storage are listed as under:

  • Budget

Make sure to evaluate your budget when you’re in search of the reliable sit-stand tables with drawers.

Try to get your hands on the available options with all the new features and suit your budget range.

  • Size and Design

Another factor for choosing a suitable adjustable desk with storage is to check its size compatibility with your height.

Also, don’t forget to check your comfort with the design of the standing desk. You can choose between the L-shaped and regular shape of the standing desk.

  • Height Adjustability

Height compliance of the users with the standing desk with shelves is also considered an essential point for choosing a suitable desk.

Thus, check the right side of the standing desk that adjusts with your height without any problem.

  • Stability

No one can afford to use the standing desk with drawers that don’t have proper stability.

Thus, make sure to check the efficient stability of the standing desk before spending your money on it.

  • Weight Capacity

The efficiency and the working of the adjustable desk with drawers are entirely dependent on its weight capacity.

The item that you’re going to choose should bear the weight of the essentials placed on it.

  • Electric or Manual Control

The height adjustability mechanism in a sit-stand desk with storage can be electric or manual.

Try to get your hands on the electric sit-stand table with drawers for increasing the ease of use.

Figure 10 Buying A Standing Desk With Storage 1Figure 10: Buying A Standing Desk With Storage


12.How To Properly Use An Adjustable Standing Desk With Storage?

You can properly use an adjustable standing desk with storage by following the given instructions:

  • Make sure to adjust the size or height of the standing desk with your height.
  • Try to keep the muscles of your neck and shoulders relaxed while using the standing desk.
  • Alternate between the sitting and standing positions while using the standing desk with drawers
  • Keep your body parallel to the desk during the work
  • Make sure to maintain perfect eye contact with the screen by keeping your eyes on the screen

Figure 11 Properly Use An Adjustable Standing Desk With StorageFigure 11: Properly Use An Adjustable Standing Desk With Storage


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