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There is no issue with your standing desk. All Trandesk products have third-party testing, and internal quality control that is higher than the third-party testing standards, 5-year warranty.

Your Premier Standing Desk Base Manufacturer In China

Trandesk is China’s leading standing desk manufacturer with a history of more than 6 years.

Trandesk has 6 workshops, from mold processing, plastic parts processing, metal processing, powder coating, assembly, packaging, etc. to manufacture your standing desk.

Using Trandesk laser cutting, robotic welding, and automated powder coating, your standing desk has more excellent quality control.

Trandesk Standing Desk Project

You can grow your furniture business use the Standing Desk Base.

Trandesk uses special steel to ensure that the standing desk legs will not be deformed for a long time.

Standing Desk Production Process


Raw Material Laser Cutting

Trandesk uses advanced laser cutting machines to ensure the fast and efficient production of standing desk legs, with a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, and advanced equipment to provide you with the best quality products.

Robot Automatic Welding

Trandesk use Robot Automatic Welding can ensure fast and accurate welding, effectively shortening the delivery time. Trandesk now has 6 robotic welding machines, and is still purchasing to meet customer order requirements.


Hand Fine Polishing

Trandesk uses a combination of manual and machine methods to ensure polishing.
Use manual flexibility to deal with the irregularities of welding scars, Trandesk flexible use to provide the highest quality manufacturing solutions to provide you with the best products.


Fully Automatic Powder Coating

Trandesk uses Fully Automatic Powder Coating​ to provide customers with stable quality. For example, the use of Fully Automatic Powder Coating can provide a stable and balanced temperature, and the use of robotic spraying can ensure that the powder is at the same thickness.
The automatic powder coating line can provide efficiency, and integrated to ensure product quality.


Semi-automatic Assembly

The Semi-automatic Assembly, which Trandesk independently participated in the design, can effectively increase production capacity and produce products with stable quality.

The QC process control unit is integrated to further improve quality.



Trandesk’s packaging and final quality control can provide customers with perfectly protected products.
Accept customized packaging and customized cables.
Trandesk also provides packaging solutions based on zero environmental impact, contact us for more information

Standing Desk Base– The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you tired from working at the same desk for hours and want a new look for your working area? I have an idea of using a standing desk base for your new workstation. 

A desk base helps you improve your working desk at a relatively low cost than buying a whole new standing table. When you don’t have the budget to buy a new standing desk, you can quickly get a standing desk base, attach the existing tabletop, and make it your new table. 

We all want to improve our health, sitting all day at a single desk and working makes us bored and causes many health-related issues like headache, backache, and neck and shoulder stiffness. 

Research has confirmed that standing burns more calories and therefore working at a table with a standing desk base helps you retain your body health. Are you thinking about getting a desk base? I will answer the questions in this article that you may have.

1.    Why Should I Get a Standing Desk Base? What Is the Importance of Frames in Standing Desks?

Standing desk frame helps you to maintain your health and reduce obesity. You can burn more calories while standing and working. Also, it has been seen from research that working on a standing desk frame can improve productivity. 

 Standing Desk Base   Figure 1 Standing Desk Base

2.    What Is the Importance of a Standing Desk Base?

Frames in a desk provide a standalone base for your standing desk, and you can buy them separately according to your requirement. You can use a single base frame and pair it with multiple tabletops, or you can also customize your table base to match the furniture already present there.

There are many models of base frames available, and you can get yours with compartments also. You can add cable management solutions, a USB hub, or a keyboard tray by customizing your standing desk base frame.

 Standing Desk BaseFigure 2 Automatic Standing Desk Base

3.    Can I Build Myself a Standing Desk Base? 

Yes, you can build yourself a standing desk frame. You need to select the design. First, you can get a DIY kit for making a standing desk base for yourself. In this way, you can get all the essential ingredients for standing desk’s base yourself.

4.    What Are the Types of Standing Desk Base? 

Like a standard desk base, a standing desk base also has types for the need of consumers. You can choose the fixed base of your liking from the types given below.

Single-Leg Standing Desk Base

You can get this single-leg standing desk base for the small space. You can use this standing desk frame in offices, houses, schools, or training institutions.

Double-Leg Standing Desk Base

You can use this double-leg standing desk frame in your office or house. It is more like a design that is one size for all situations. You can get his frame and put your tabletop for your personalized standing desk.

 Standing Desk BaseFigure 3 Double-Legged Standing Desk Base

Four-Legged Standing Desk Base and L-Shaped Standing Desk Frame

You can use four-legged and L-shaped standing bases in meetings and office rooms where a team has to work on a single table. A standing desk frame keeps all the members included and productive.

5.    How to Choose Right Standing Desk Base for You?

When choosing the right standing desk frame, you have to consider some crucial points in selecting the best standing desk frame for you.


Before getting a standing desk base consider the space available for your standing desk. There are options available in designs of the standing desk tables. You can get a single-leg standing desk frame if there is not enough space for the double-legged standing desk frame.

 Standing Desk BaseFigure 4 Standing Desk Base for Small Space


When you are ready to buy a standing desk frame think about the origin of its need. If you want to modify your office or house and whether you have to place computer system or laptop on your desk. It will help you select the standing frame according to the weight it can bear.

You can easily select the standing desk frame according to the need for your equipment to be placed on the standing desk frame.


The best step in buying anything is to check the market for the pricing of your desired product. Just like this, before getting a standing desk frame select the one according to your budget and the quality of the product.


Standing desk frames can provide less capacity for the table, or designs and materials are used for standing desk frames that offer more accommodation. You have to select according to your need.

Choose from the Best

When purchasing a standing desk base, you should always try to buy from the best manufacturers. They have an image to maintain also they offer warranties that help in shortcomings.

Electric Base Frame 

The electric adjustable standing desk base has the electric supply to change the standing height of the desk to the sitting size.  You have to push a button to change this standing desk frame to a sitting desk frame.

When thinking about the cost, this is relatively more costly, and you have to try one to know the difference.

6.    How Much Does Standing Desk Base Cost?

If you are thinking of building your standing desk frame, you should think again because the best option for you is to buy a standing desk base. A well-made standing desk frame already has all the construction, making it ergonomically valuable.

There are possibilities that when you buy an expensive standing desk frame, it has a reliable base material, more extended warranty, and more heavy lifting. There are different types, and pricing is according to the standing desk frame.

For the most equipped and easy-to-use standing base, the cost is about 250$ to 450$. There are simpler designs, too, like non-electric adjustable standing desks and simple non-adjustable standing desks. They can be bought with less money because of their economical pricing.


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