Single Leg Standing Desk-S103

Wall Mounted Standing Desk

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height565-1210mm
Max Speed:30mm/s
Max Load:800N
Package Size780*560*250mm

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Single Leg Standing Desk-S103​

Single-Leg Standing Desk-S103 Product Description

Wall mounted standing desk manufacturers are putting in work to create ergonomic desks for comfortable extended use. Trandesk is at the center of this, and its wall-mounted standing desk is one of a kind. Using the newest technology, Trandesk is manufacturing stylish single-leg standing desks that help users achieve a comfortable fit when they stand or sit in an ergonomic chair. As a leading wall mounted standing desk manufacturer, our goal is to minimize aches and pains that may result from sitting at work or behind a computer throughout the day.

Product Basic Function

  1. This ergonomic single-leg standing desks from Trandesk makes you more comfortable and increase productivity.
  2. Trandesk wall mounted standing desk improves the flow of blood to the brain and consequently enhances concentration. When you can concentrate and maintain focus, you produce better results after working for a long period.
  • This single-leg standing desk helps maintain proper posture, which leads to an improved sense of overall health and well-being.

Product Features

  1. Wall-mounted standing desk from Trandesk comes in three colors – black, white, and gray, depending on the end user’s preference. Every wall-mounted standing desk supplier can get the product in their desired colors to satisfy the end-user.
  2. It comes with an anti-collision mechanism that keeps the desk protected each time its height increases or drops.
  • It has a maximum load capacity of 800N.
  1. Trandesk wall mounted standing desk has a frame height of 565 – 1210 mm, and the package comes in dimensions of 780 x 560 x 250 mm.


  1. Office Application

This is where the Trandesk wall mounted standing desk is mostly used. When you sit and work at your desk for long hours, you do not do your physical health a lot of good. A healthy lifestyle should have some movement in it. Therefore, to throw in some movement in your activities for the day, Trandesk designed this wall mounted standing desk to increase your energy, reduce fatigue, and keep your posture in check while you work.

  1. Physical health improvement

If you have been experiencing neck and back pain due to sitting in one position all day, an adjustable height table such as this Trandesk single-leg standing desk helps you relieve those sore muscles and fight off fatigue.

Company Capabilities on this Product

Trandesk is a leading global manufacturer of wall mounted standing desk that operates from a 9,000-square meter workshop area. The company ensures the highest level of quality in all its products and can produce thousands of wall-mounted standing desks to keep the global supply moving. Trandesk is also committed to an in-depth level of research and development before manufacturing any of its products.

Company business advantage

Trandesk offers 24/7 sales and after-sales support service to all of its wall-mounted standing desk wholesale suppliers. There is also a 5-year global warranty on each unit of wall mounted standing desk that retail buyers can enjoy.

Trandesk is one of the wall-mounted standing desk manufacturers that ships products directly to Amazon warehouse for its wall mounted standing desk wholesalers. Trandesk wall mounted standing desks have also passed safety certifications like UL, CE, and SAA.


Trandesk offers various easy-to-operate adjustable height desks to meet your specific needs, such as electric, crank, pin-set, and pneumatic desks. These desks provide effortless adjustments that help you transition between a sitting and standing position with a button-push.

Trandesk wall-mounted standing desks will make your life easier significantly either at home or at work. To know more about this product or get a quote for your order, send us an email now!

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