Single Leg Standing Desk-S101

Single Leg Height Adjustable Table

Standing Coffee Table

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height570-1220mm
Max Speed:30mm/s
Max Load:800N
Package Size780*560*250mm

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Single Leg Standing Desk-S101

  • Square tube, stable and beautiful
  • The square foot and the square table are perfectly matched
  • Rapid lifting, 30mm/s
  • The lithium battery pack can be provided with an external power source, so that s101 is no longer tied to the power source and used for outdoor publicity and speech. The
  • battery pack can provide 1 month of standby, 100 times of continuous rise and fall, which is enough for more than a week of normal frequency use.
  • Three colors are customized, white, black and gray, suitable for different environments
  • The table board can be customized, any size.

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