Round Standing Desk-G100

The Round Standing Desk Is Driven By A Gas Spring, Economical And Environmentally Friendly, No Power Supply Required

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height700-1120mm
Max Load:250N
Package Size780*560*250mm

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Round Standing Desk-G100​

  • Gas spring drive
  • No electricity needed
  • Safe and reliable
  • Round table top, 360 degrees accessible
  • 2 stage
  • Load 25kg
  • Color black and white gray, customized



Company Capabilities on this Product

Trandesk is a leading global manufacturer of wall mounted standing desk that operates from a 9,000-square meter workshop area. The company ensures the highest level of quality in all its products and can produce thousands of wall-mounted standing desks to keep the global supply moving. Trandesk is also committed to an in-depth level of research and development before manufacturing any of its products.

Company business advantage

Trandesk offers 24/7 sales and after-sales support service to all of its wall-mounted standing desk wholesale suppliers. There is also a 5-year global warranty on each unit of wall mounted standing desk that retail buyers can enjoy.

Trandesk is one of the wall-mounted standing desk manufacturers that ships products directly to Amazon warehouse for its wall mounted standing desk wholesalers. Trandesk wall mounted standing desks have also passed safety certifications like UL, CE, and SAA.

Trandesk wall-mounted standing desks will make your life easier significantly either at home or at work. To know more about this product or get a quote for your order, send us an email now!

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