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About Trandesk

Trandesk is a leading supplier of standing desks. Trandesk provides you with an Ergonomic Workspace Solution Base On Standing Desk.
Our product provides you with Manual Standing Desk Frame office or home standing desk solutions.
We have accumulated a wealth of experience through trial and error. We have pushed our manufacturing skills and automation equipment to the leading position in the industry for more than three years.

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Manual Standing Desk Frame


Trandesk supply an array of ergonomic workspace solutions including the world-leading manual standing desk frame.

As one of the leading manual standing desk frame manufacturers, Trandesk has an array of color choices and styles to suit your needs. These include white, black, and gray, but customization can be accomplished.

Every manual standing desk frame is hand-cranked and free-standing. Leaving you in control, whether you want to sit, stand, or move between the two.

Of course, Trandesk also has a dual motor standing desk frame, making raising and lowering the desk simple.

The motorized and manual standing desk frame is designed to accommodate a variety of desktops. In effect, Trandesk has the perfect solution for your daily needs. Its ergonomic approach will ensure your comfort throughout the day.

Features and advantage of Manual Standing Desk Frame

This desk frame, manufactured and supplied by Trandesk, can be manually cranked to adjust the height. Each turn of the crank raises the frame 10mm, minimizing strain on the apparatus while maximizing efficiency.

 The Trandesk manual standing desk frame factory has perfected HOLD technology. This ensures the desk won’t move once the position is set. It is also surprisingly quiet, at under 30 decibels it’s unlikely to disturb the rest of your office.

The frame height can move between 700-1130mm while the width varies between 1100-1650mm. Trandeskis ensuring you can cater to virtually any desktop you wish.  But, you should also note that the Trandesk manual standing desk frame can support a maximum load of 800N. That should be satisfactory for any office situation.

The addition of manual cranking allows the desk to have a minimal environmental impact. You won’t even be affected by a power outage.  In addition, this L-shaped desk has just three sturdy legs and is incredibly stylish.

Of course, the biggest advantage of this desk frame from Trandesk is the ability to move between sitting and standing. This has been shown to be beneficial for your health and can even help productivity. What greater incentive is there to grab a Trandesk manual standing desk frame today?

Product applications

Research shows sitting at a desk all day has a negative impact on health.  It’s been linked to chronic issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers.

The manual standing desk frame offered by Trandesk allows you to sit when needed. But, it can also be raised to a comfortable height, increasing productivity, and stimulating blood circulation through your body.

In other words, this product may only be a sit/stand desk, but it can have an impressive effect on your health. That makes it worth considering. It also pays attention to the environment. Every manual standing desk frame is PVC free and the electronic versions use less than 0.1 watts per hour on standby.

Company Capabilities Exposed

Trandesk doesn’t just make standing desk frames. They have industry-leading design capabilities, allowing them to create the perfect desk for your needs.  You can work with their in-house research and development team to create a customizable solution for your needs.

In fact, the company has been credited with fast and efficient development capabilities, positive response to feedback, and some of the best after-sales service in the business.  Their 9,000 square meter factory with automatic laser cutting and robot welding helps to make this possible.

Ease of use is guaranteed by selecting between the manual standing desk frame through the simple to use crank handle. However, there are also electronic versions that use one, or even two motors.

Work is split between the sales team, after-sales team, and the research and development department. Whatever you need, Trandesk will have you covered. It’s worth noting that the after-sales team is available seven days a week with a guaranteed quick response.

The TrandeskBusiness advantage

Trandesk is more than just a manual standing desk frame supplier. They are committed to bringing the very best products to the market.

This is shown by their dedication to safety. Trandesk has achieved certification in UL, CE, and SAA standards to ensure they are safe to sell and use around the globe.

They have the capability to deal with companies direct, becoming a manual standing desk frame wholesale provider. Trandesk offers a specially designed product for this purpose, lighter than standard to reduce transfer costs. Equally, they can dispatch up to 15,000 units a month and have a stock range ready for direct shipping to the Amazon FBA warehouse. This means you can order your manual standing desk frame today and have it in next to no time.

Related Products Worth Considering

Trandesk also offers an impressive dual motor standing desk frame. This offers the practicality of the manual version with the added bonus of a push-button to operate raising or lowering the desk.

These durable motors bring a sense of ease to your life and add to the pleasure of owning a standing desk frame.

If you prefer, you can opt for a single leg standing desk frame, such as the G100. It may look like it belongs in the bar but it’s an incredibly practical piece of kit. Of course, there’s always an option to have a 4-legged standing desk frame. The T440 looks more like a conventional desk but offers the practicality of choosing between standing and sitting throughout the day.

As with all the standing desk frames, you’ll be pleased to note that you don’t need to move anything when you adjust the height. Your things will stay where you left them on the desk and the specially designed cable will ensure you remain connected to a power supply.

Why Wait When You Can Order Today?

You ma have suffered from, or know someone that has experienced back pain or tired legs, after a hard day at the office. The simple fact is that everyone can benefit from what Trandesk has to offer.

This is one product that sells itself. All you have to do is mention the most important points, specifically that it’s adjustable to suit any height. Customers that frequently feel tired can lower it to sit. But, even they will quickly prefer the high position. It’s just something you get used to and actually appreciate.

You don’t need to look at the manual standing desk frame again to know it can be one of your best sellers. It’s time to place your order before it’s too late.


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