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About Trandesk

Trandesk is a young company with a vision. We are driven to providing the highest-quality standing desks to businesses across the globe. Trandesk recognizes the need for ergonomic work solutions that places the needs and health of the worker first.

For this reason, we have developed the ultimate standing desk frame. The frames are fully adjustable with electric or manual options and you can choose between 1, 2, 3, or even 4 legs.

Whether you’re looking for an office solution or to sell our desks to individuals, we have a standing desk frame for all locations.

Our personal journey started with the first-hand experience of the pain caused by poor posture, in many cases, the result of spending all day sat at a desk. Through research and a huge amount of trial and error, we have developed an industry-leading standing desk.

Our desks, the automation processes we’ve developed, and our manufacturing skills have ensured our position as a market leader.

The aim for the future is to increase awareness of Trandesk and ensure they are available to everyone that cares about the health of their employees.


Raw Material Laser Cutting

Trandesk uses advanced laser cutting machines to ensure the fast and efficient production of standing desk legs, with a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, and advanced equipment to provide you with the best quality products.

Robot Automatic Welding

Trandesk use Robot Automatic Welding can ensure fast and accurate welding, effectively shortening the delivery time. Trandesk now has 6 robotic welding machines, and is still purchasing to meet customer order requirements.

Hand Fine Polishing

Trandesk uses a combination of manual and machine methods to ensure polishing.
Use manual flexibility to deal with the irregularities of welding scars, Trandesk flexible use to provide the highest quality manufacturing solutions to provide you with the best products.

Fully Automatic Powder Coating

Trandesk uses Fully Automatic Powder Coating​ to provide customers with stable quality. For example, the use of Fully Automatic Powder Coating can provide a stable and balanced temperature, and the use of robotic spraying can ensure that the powder is at the same thickness.
The automatic powder coating line can provide efficiency, and integrated to ensure product quality.


Semi-automatic Assembly

The Semi-automatic Assembly, which Trandesk independently participated in the design, can effectively increase production capacity and produce products with stable quality.

The QC process control unit is integrated to further improve quality.



Trandesk’s packaging and final quality control can provide customers with perfectly protected products.
Accept customized packaging and customized cables.
Trandesk also provides packaging solutions based on zero environmental impact, contact us for more information

Manual Height Adjustable Desk​– The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Table of Manual Height Adjustable Desk​ FAQ Guide

What Is A Manual Height Adjustable Desk?

Manual height Adjustable Desks are low-cost standing desks that are manually operated without power cords, motors, or electronics. With a Manual height adjustable desk, you use a crank handle to raise or lower the table.

Manual Adjustable desk


Figure 1: A manual Height Adjustable Desk

How Do You Adjust The Height On A Manual Adjustable Desk?

To adjust the height of the Manual Height Adjustable desk, you simply drive the turbine scroll structure in the leg manually.

This creates a rotating motion in the turbine scroll that is turned into a linear motion that raises or lowers your table.

 Manual Adjustable desk

Figure 2: A Manual Height Adjustable Desk Crank

Is Trandesk Manual Height Adjustable Desk Worth It?

Compared to a regular desk, numerous benefits come with a height-adjustable desk. Some benefits include the prevention of back complaints, increased performance, better concentration at work, and reduced downtime. Studies from Harvard have shown that Manual height-adjustable desks and standing desks can reduce the risk of shoulder and back pains. 

What Is The Difference Between The Manual Adjustable Desk And The Electric?

Both the manual and electric adjustable desk has its advantages and disadvantages.

Manual Adjustable Desk advantages
  • Low Cost
  • Wireless; No need to rely on power supply
  • Burn calories when adjusting the height

Manual Adjustable desk

Figure 3: Manual Height Adjustable Desk

Electric Adjustable Desk advantages
  • Fast and easy
  • Memory position, use memory handset
  • Larger Max load

Manual Adjustable desk

Figure 4: Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Are Your Manual Height Adjustable Desk Products Guaranteed?

Trandesk offers a 5-year warranty for all products including the manual height adjustable desk. We strongly stand behind our manual height adjustable desk and offer a risk-free guarantee to all our customers.

Is A Manual Height Adjustable Desk Going To Be A Perfect Fit For Me?

All height adjustable desks allow for an easy adjustment of working posture which denotes healthy working conditions, increased performance, and prevention of posture-related complications. Coupled with the health benefits, you get a product for a low cost.

Furthermore, manual height adjustable desks do not require a power supply, cable, or cable management. This can increase the use of scenes and can support environments that do not support the use of power.

How Much Weight Can The Manual Height Adjustable Desk Support?

Trandesk’s Manual height adjustable desk offers a maximum weight capacity of 176 Ibs.

What Are Our Adjustable Desks Made Of?

Trandesk manual height adjustable desks are made from durable and A-grade materials.

The legs are made of special steel which guarantees the strength of the desk.

Each leg is composed of scroll rods and aluminum inside.

The motor is made of copper which allows for excellent conductivity and thrust.

There are different choices for desktop panels, including PVC laminated panels, melamine panels, and glass panels.  

Can I Get A Custom Manual Adjustable Desk?

At Trandesk, we take pleasure in creating top-quality designs that are durable and represent the best in the industry. While we offer our manual adjustable desk in factory specified colors and finishing, our customer service/sales team will be glad to work with your business to create customized designs for your business or workspace.

What Is The Desk Height Range?

You can select from a wide range of our desks with varying height ranges from 700 – 1150 mm in height.

 Is The Assembly Of The Adjustable Desk Difficult?

While the assembly time may vary from one person to another, the average time it takes most people to assemble a manual height adjustable desk is within 20 – 30 minutes and sometimes less.

You don’t have to guess how to assemble the product; we provide you detailed, user-friendly instructions for assembling your product.

How Stable Are Your Manual Adjustable Desks?

Although there are only 2 legs, the long feet of the manual height adjustable desk can provide more support than traditional tables.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we have been able to optimize the manual height adjustable desk to enhance the stability and improve the legs to make it more durable.

How Durable Are Your Manual Height Adjustable Desk?

All Trandesk standing desks are built with long-lasting features. It means they are built to last and have passed the durability test. We carried out the test on our product without any breaking down. Furthermore, our product comes with a 5-year warranty to back up our claim on durability.

Can I Get A Bulk Order Of Manual Height Adjustable Desk For My Business?

Of course yes! Our factory is well equipped to handle a very large order. We have a production capacity of 15,000 products per month for any business. Please fill out the form for a quick quote.

Trandesk also gives you the best in complementary planning and consulting to help you get the best out of your office space.

Where Can I Find The Information/Instruction On How To Assemble My Manual Height Adjustable Desk?

All information on how to assemble your manual height adjustable desks is available in the assembly manuals which will walk you through the assembly process or you can contact us for the electronic version. 

What Is The Import Tariff For Manual Height Adjustable Desk?

To get the import tariff for our manual desk, please use this quick tool to calculate the import duty and tariff for any destination in the world.  

What Is The HS code Of Manual Height Adjustable Desk?

The HS code for manual height adjustable desk is 9403900. This code helps customs to classify our product when it is being shipped.  

What Services Does Trandesk Provide To Amazon Sellers?

Trandesk assists sellers in arranging Amazon FBA logistics and directly send into their Amazon warehouse. Your barcode label will be affixed to the goods under the Amazon specification. 

What Other Products and Services Does Trandesk Provide?

Other top-notch products by Trandesk include:

Our standing desk product line:
Our Industry-leading design capabilities

Trandesk Manual Height Adjustable Desk

Trandesk Manual height adjustable desk offers a versatile, beautiful, and sturdy option for most offices and homes. Fitting for your conference room, office room, home, and even your dining room, Trandesk manual height adjustable desk is always a delight. With Trandesk manual height adjustable desk, you are sure to enjoy the best of active working for a low-priced and affordable standing desk.

It takes only a few steps to assemble the parts and get working with your manual height adjustable desk. Built from the best materials, Trandesk manual height adjustable desk is built to last long.

Manual Standing Desk Frame M400


  • Simple design with simple manual height adjustment
  • Quick and easy setup. Can be done in a few steps
  • Height is adjustable using a crank
  • Uses reversed leg design for improved stability
  • Made from durable and A-grade materials (best wood tops worldwide)
  • Ergonomic features to keep you healthy throughout your work period
  • Can be used alone or alongside other desks
  • Comes with Tension control
  • Affordable


Produced by one of the best manual height adjustable desk manufacturers, Trandesk manual height adjustable desk is suitable for any home, school, or office. There has been a lot of researches that point out the benefits of a standing workstation. Trandesk manual height adjustable desk helps you tap into such benefits.

You can join the league of healthy workers by making Trandesk your manual height adjustable desk supplier. Furthermore, Trandesk manual height adjustable desk can support up to 154 pounds of weight. Let’s not also forget that Trandesk manual height adjustable desk is affordable and yet gives you the desired quality.


Trandesk manual height adjustable desk is applicable in any place where a desk is used. Manual height adjustable desk can be used in the office, conference room, at home, in school, and virtually anywhere. Trandesk understands the need for an ergonomic and healthy manual height adjustable desk for any workstation. This is why Trandesk is a leading manual height adjustable desk wholesale supplier.

We understand that every industry needs a healthy work habit, especially posture habits. Manual height adjustable desk covers fields from engineering, architecture, research laboratories, art studios, schools, restaurants, and everywhere.



Trandesk manual height adjustable desk factory is best in all ramifications when it comes to construction and manual height adjustable desk manufacturers. Our manual height adjustable desk factory is spacious and allows for manufacturing best practices. With over 9000 sq meters of workspace, manual height adjustable desk production is flawless and with precision.

We also make use of cutting-edge technology like automatic laser cutting machines, automatic robot welding, automatic packaging line, just to mention but a few. With our manual height adjustable desk factory, you can get your business booming in no time.


Trandesk remains the leading manual height adjustable desk manufacturer and supplier and remains the top producer for all standing desk solutions. Trandesk is known for producing A-grade sit-stand desks that are of industry-standard.

Our standing desk product line includes:

Our Industry-leading design capabilities

  • Sit-stand desk custom foot
  • Customizable colors of your choice
  • Foldable table frames
  • High-speed standing desk
  • Lightweight designs

We have the best R&D team, sales team, and after-sales team. Our teams work relentlessly to ensure that you are satisfied. Moreover, Trandesk is compliant with all environmental and production regulations including SAA, BIFMA, UL, and many more. With Trandesk, some things are certain:

  • Lighter designs for lower conveyance cost
  • Protective packaging
  • No worries about logistics
  • Product capacity of 15,000 products – you can get the desired business growth with Trandesk

Get business booming with Trandesk manual height adjustable desk

With a 5-year guaranty and access to the best tech, Trandesk can help your manual height adjustable desk business boom without you doing the hard work. Reach out to our experts and get started with your business growth today.


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