Corner Standing Desk-T390

The Most Popular L Shaped Standing Desk, Suitable For Executive L Shaped Standing Desk, Manager Standing Desk

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height605-1255mm
Frame Width:1000-1800mm
Max Speed:38mm/s
Max Load:1500N
Package Size1080*470*250mm*2

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Corner Standing Desk-T390

Corner Standing Desk

In regards to a perfect desk that meets your needs, the Trandesk corner standing desk is the best solution for you. It is a standard desk produced by the leading corner standing desk manufacturers in the industry. Trandesk is known for quality sit-stand desk products.

Trandesk’s corner standing desk provides a spacious surface for you to work. At the same time it gives you the room for all your office essentials. Making Trandesk your corner standing desk supplier for your brand or wholesale business means you are getting access to a corner standing desk that does not hold your customers back in space for work.

Our award-winning corner standing desk is flexible and can be used at any angle. It is designed to improve item reach and comfort while working. Furthermore, our Trandesk corner standing desk comes with a touch of ergonomic – the edges inside comes with a subtle ergo to help your wrist when you type, click, or point.


Trandesk corner standing desk is a perfect fit for any home or work looking to judiciously manage space. With Trandesk’s corner standing desk being sturdy, strong, and well-built, you are going to have a great ergonomic working space. Also, you would have access to our smooth motion corner standing desk. 

Trandesk corner standing Desk can be used by any management team or employers in place of a 2-leg standing desk. Our corner standing desk is available in diverse colors from which you can pick one that suits your space. We have white, grey, and black. Furthermore, our corner standing desk can withstand a max load of about 1500N.

Features and Benefits

  • Trandesk corner standing desk is engineered with safety (Anti-collision), stability, and reliability in mind.
  • Impressive width range that is adjustable and a height that ranges from 605 mm to 1255 mm
  • Trandesk corner standing desk comes with a touch movement button to easily switch from sitting to a standing position
  • Comes with an Anti-collision feature
  • Comes with an ultra-high-strength steel frame
  • Trandesk corner standing desk created using industry-tested material and is manufactured using high-quality construction procedures.
  • Trandesk corner standing desk has a high load capacity; can hold a load weigh of about 1500 N
  • Trandesk corner standing desk is built hinging on the recommended specifications of ergonomic height adjustment
  • Ultra-quiet – below 50db sound intensity when regulating your sitting position to a standing position.
  • Adjustable height of 605 – 1255 mm while the width is flexible.


In today’s world, there are different ways of working just as there are different job titles out there. Certainly, working with a desk is part of our workflows. This means that Trandesk corner standing desk cuts across every industry in the world that requires working with a desk. A trandesk corner standing desk means a successful work outcome for any industry.

Trandesk corner standing desk is built for everyone from engineering to software developers, to musicians, studio gurus, graphic designers, and every profession. Our corner standing desk is a great point to turn your big ideas into reality.


Talk about the leading corner standing desk suppliers and corner standing desk factory, Trandesk has it all. Our corner standing desk factory utilizes a workspace that is spacious and allows for proper working conditions (about 9000 square meters workspace). Also, automatic laser cutting tools are used to achieve precision and A-grade quality production within our corner standing desk factory. Amongst other things, we utilize CNC bending, automatic assembly line, automatic packaging line, and automatic robot welding to see that the best corner standing desk is created. For your entire corner standing desk wholesale supply, our corner standing desk factory can get your wholesale business going.

Other products and services

We are known for producing top-notch sit-stand solutions within the furniture industry.

Our standing desk product line includes:

  • Single Motor
  • Dual Motor
  • L Shaped 3 leg desk
  • Manual standing desk

Our Industry-leading design capabilities

  • Sit-stand desk custom foot
  • Customizable colors of your choice
  • Foldable table frames
  • High-speed standing desk
  • Lightweight designs


As the leading supplier and manufacturer of corner standing desk, Trandesk has been tested, trusted, and verified by various regulatory and certifying bodies including the CE Marking for manufactured products, Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification, and SAA safety certification for standard electrical safety of products. Our team is made up of enthusiastic, dedicated, and result-oriented members that are focused on the success and satisfaction of the customer. With our best team in sales and after-sales and our R&D team, you are sure of getting nothing but the best.

Our Research and Development team work relentlessly to ensure production is efficient, fast, and of the best quality. Talk about fast product iteration, efficient customized feedback, and top-notch results then our R&D team is always on top of the game.

Our team for sales and after-sales are always there to attend to you 24/7/365. You are sure of getting an immediate response from competent sales professionals. You also get a 5-year warranty on all our products on sale.

Trandesk is compliant with environmental regulation and meets all the requirements including PVC-free compliance for all our cables for the sit-stand desk. We also have a standby power of less than0.1W/Hr consumption.

We specialize in designing products that are fitting for online retailers based on certain specifications:

  • Designs that are Lighter to help save cost on conveyance
  • Protective packaging and CBM are made smaller to save cost on warehouse
  • No worries about logistics as we can send directly to Amazon FBA warehouses
  • Finally, our production capacity per company or wholesale dealer per month is 15,000 sets of products. This means you can get an unending supply of products from Trandesk to grow your business.

Tap into the full potential of your Workspace with Trandesk corner standing desk

With a 5-year guaranty and the latest and best technology, Trandesk allows you to tap into the full potential of an ergonomic corner standing desk for your workspace. We also have a responsive and the best support team that is eager to respond to any question or concern that you may have concerning a product or service. We remain an A-grade, industry-worthy corner standing desk supplier that is dedicated to delivering 100% quality, happiness, and satisfaction for all our customers.

Reach out today to one of our experts let’s help you tap into your workspace’s potential.

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