120-Degree Standing Desk-T312

120-degree Standing Desk Constitutes A Flexible Office Space

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height605-1255mm
Frame Width:Each 1000-1800mm
Max Speed:30mm/s
Max Load:1500N
Package Size1080*470*250mm

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120-Degree Standing Desk T312


Trandesk is a reliable and popular 120-degree standing desk manufacturer and supplier, looking to provide you with only the best desk solutions. Here at Trandesk, we utilize leading technology and skilled workers to produce the finest types of standing desks. And now, we have the 120-degree standing desk just for you.

Keeping our buyers and wholesalers’ needs into consideration, we manufactured a flexible, convenient, and high-quality standing desk for your customers or yourself. With our 120-degree standing desks, you can create the best working environment for yourself.

After all, this is your one-stop for all desk solutions.

Features of the 120-Degree Standing Desk

The Trandesk 120-degree standing desk an excellent solution for those who don’t want rectangular desks in their offices. Since it is bent at a 120-degree angle, it is flexible enough to angle around your body while you sit in the center, providing a unique and convenient desk solution.

Since it has a concave arc once it has been set up as a desk, it will give you a sense of control and your workspace a new feel, making it comfortable. You can put your computer at the center of this arc, with your other documents on both sides.

It is made with only the best Trandesk quality for you. Using the Trandesk Q195A with a fine pipe process, you are left with a sturdy and strong 120-degree standing desk.

It is a three-leg frame that offers an easy and quick installation. Our 120-degree standing desk is manufactured with environmentally friendly raw materials. We finish the frame with powder-coating technology that does not pose any harm to the environment. It also makes your desk surface smooth so you can enjoy using it.

The Trandesk standing desk features a triple-motor design with a high load capacity. The frame is also easily adjustable and flexible, allowing for convenience and frequent changes in your desk whenever you please. You don’t have to worry about the motor making noise, as the Trandesk 120-degree standing desk offers a low noise feature below 45db.

It also offers a handset LCD with a four memory preset. You can also benefit from the anti-collision feature of this desk.

Why You Should Choose this Desk

The Trandesk 120-degree standing desk offers a lot of benefits for you. You can benefit from the broadband voltage adaptation range of the desk frame, which is universally acceptable. Regardless of the country you’re selling the desk to, your customers can match the same voltage and plug in that country.

The Trandesk voltage adaptation range has been certified by CE, FCC, UL, and other organizations in different countries because we want to provide our clients with the best quality, regardless of where they are.

You can also enjoy the triple-motor design of the 120-degree standing desk. With three powerful motors, you can benefit more from the desk. It also has a powerful load capacity of 330lbs. The low noise is a plus.

As you use the 120-degree standing desk, look forward to its flexibility. This makes it easy to adjust the desk to your liking, and it features leading technology for convenience. The Trandesk 120-degree standing desk also offers anti-collusion and different colors you can pick from.

The Trandesk 120-degree standing desk will give you the best seating arrangement for your office, whether at home or not. It is widely used by office workers who want a more unique and comfortable desk solution and can be used in home offices or studies.

Whether you’re a 120-degree standing desk wholesale distributor or a retailer, or you want to purchase it for your office, Trandesk is the best choice. You can also inquire about a custom-made 120-degree standing desk.

What Trandesk has to Offer

Trandesk can promise you high quality, not only because we are suppliers of standing desks, but also because we are manufacturers. Our 120-degree standing desk factory is fully equipped with the latest artificial intelligence and machinery to produce only the best desks.

The massive factory has a high production capability, ensuring that we never run out of quality standing desk frames to supply to our clients. Even during the high demand season, our factory is always running, and our supply to you is never dwindling.

You can take a virtual tour of our factory to see how highly productive and efficient we are to provide you with the best.

What Makes Trandesk the Best for You?

Trandesk is a highly certified manufacturer and supplier, which is why we are sure that we can provide you with the best 120-degree standing desk and other desk solutions.

We hold various certifications, including CE, UL, FC, SAA, and BIFMA Compliant. Our 120-degree standing desk factory is also well-equipped, which is why we can produce a wide range of desk solutions, TV lifts, and accessories.

If you ever need a custom desk frame made, Trandesk is what you need. With our experienced designers and equipped factory, we can provide desk solutions as soon as you want it. Trandesk offers a strong R & D support complete with a professional team, quick feedback and more. You can get a 2D or 3D drawing within two days, allowing you to win opportunities in new customer projects.

With our investments in R&D, you can provide new products to your customers or get customized products for yourself based on the recent trends in standing desks and ergonomics.

Although we manufacture and supply 120-degree standing desk frames, this is not all that Trandesk is about. You can also purchase a wide range of standing desk frames, regardless of the type. From L-shaped desk frames to dual motor desk frames, your desk products and solutions are our priority.

You can also purchase TV lifts, single-leg standing desk frames, back to back standing desk frames, and a wide range of accessories for your desks or your customers.

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