Standing Conference Table S318

Square Legs, Conference Table, 3 Adjustable Height Legs,Maximum Support 3200mm Desktop

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height605-1255mm
Frame Width:2124-2924mm
Max Speed:30mm/s
Max Load:1500N
Package Size1080*470*250mm

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Standing Conference Table S318

Trandesk is China’s leading standing conference table manufacturer. Conferences and meetings are some of the most important aspects of an organization. Therefore, we supply the S318 standing conference table that enables you to get the most comfortable and premium conferencing experience.

Standing Conference Table

As a standing conference table wholesale, we have a lot to offer. The S318 comes with various features, colors, and unique properties that will keep your employees engaged in the meeting. The S318 is a 3-legged height adjustable standing conference table focusing on one main thing. ‘Meeting Experience.’

At Trandesk, we understand the value of meetings. There are many instances where the meeting can go wrong due to employees getting tired. However, S318 makes sure that everything will go smoothly. What’s more? It comes with custom color options too. Just name your favorite color, and we will arrange it for you.

When it comes to S318, as a standing conference table factory, Trandesk’s manufacturing size is:

  • Package Size ‘1080*470*250mm’
  • Premium Frame Height ‘605-1255mm’
  • Cozy Frame Width ‘2124-2924mm’
  • Maximum Load Capacity ‘150Kg’

Due to extended maximum load capacity, it can carry a lot of weight, making this standing conference table even more durable.

 S318 – Standing Conference Table

Trandesk’s S318 offers premium standing conference desks that come with a plethora of pros. This adjustable height standing conference table has square legs. Due to its height-adjustable capabilities, it makes it easier for all the employees to focus on the meeting with different postures.

Specification and Applications of Standing Conference Table

Not only it will make them attentive, but the whole meeting will go like a breeze. Considering this single advantage, the S318 can provide greater results in your company. It incorporates a square tube with three legs that are arranged in one line. The adjustable frame can incorporate different sizes from 2200mm to 3200mm.


Standing Conference Table

Moreover, as it comes with 150Kg maximum load capacity, storing things on a desk won’t cause any problems. Trandesk is offering 2 handsets with this mode. Therefore, both sides can control height. It can be quite convenient in various scenarios.

We understand how precious your time is. Therefore, with the speed of 30mm/s, you won’t be wasting any time, and the standing conference table will lift itself at a seamless rate. During the meetings, having a quiet environment is essential. Trandesk’s S318 has a small motor business, less than 50% that promotes a quieter experience.

Why S318 Standing Conference Desk?

As a standing conference table wholesale, Trandesk cares about the audience more than anything. We are keen to provide you the most in-demand, premium, and working products that will give you an optimal sit-stand experience.

The S318 is ideal for enterprises that hold a lot of meetings throughout the week. This standing desk conference table has all the means to keep your employees engaged in the meeting. Therefore, better results mean a better image of your company.

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