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Trandesk can manufacture different types of standing desk and more

There is no issue with your standing desk. All Trandesk products have third-party testing, and internal quality control that is higher than the third-party testing standards, 5-year warranty.

Your Premier Electric Adjustable Workbench Manufacturer In China

Trandesk is China’s leading standing desk manufacturer with a history of more than 5 years.

Trandesk has 6 workshops, from mold processing, plastic parts processing, metal processing, powder coating, assembly, packaging, etc. to manufacture your standing desk.

Using Trandesk laser cutting, robotic welding, and automated powder coating, your standing desk has more excellent quality control.

Trandesk Standing Desk Project

You can grow your furniture business use the Trandesk standing desk.

Trandesk uses special steel to ensure that the standing desk legs will not be deformed for a long time.

Electric Adjustable Workbench Production Process


Raw Material Laser Cutting

Trandesk uses advanced laser cutting machines to ensure the fast and efficient production of standing desk legs, with a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, and advanced equipment to provide you with the best quality products.

Robot Automatic Welding

Trandesk use Robot Automatic Welding can ensure fast and accurate welding, effectively shortening the delivery time. Trandesk now has 6 robotic welding machines, and is still purchasing to meet customer order requirements.


Hand Fine Polishing

Trandesk uses a combination of manual and machine methods to ensure polishing.
Use manual flexibility to deal with the irregularities of welding scars, Trandesk flexible use to provide the highest quality manufacturing solutions to provide you with the best products.


Fully Automatic Powder Coating

Trandesk uses Fully Automatic Powder Coating​ to provide customers with stable quality. For example, the use of Fully Automatic Powder Coating can provide a stable and balanced temperature, and the use of robotic spraying can ensure that the powder is at the same thickness.
The automatic powder coating line can provide efficiency, and integrated to ensure product quality.


Semi-automatic Assembly

The Semi-automatic Assembly, which Trandesk independently participated in the design, can effectively increase production capacity and produce products with stable quality.

The QC process control unit is integrated to further improve quality.



Trandesk’s packaging and final quality control can provide customers with perfectly protected products.
Accept customized packaging and customized cables.
Trandesk also provides packaging solutions based on zero environmental impact, contact us for more information

Electric Adjustable Workbench– The Ultimate FAQ Guide

TranDesk is known for its products of standing desk and electric adjustable workbench.

It has been working for more than three years to provide comfort in workstations. You can get electrically adjustable workbenches from TranDesk in different colors and sizes according to your need.

Let’s get started to know more about the state-of-the-art workbenches by TranDesk.

1.    What Is an Electric Adjustable Workbench?

When we are working at a workstation, we wish that we could change the height of this bench and work while standing or maybe sit on a different stool.

An electric adjustable workbench is a workstation whose height can be changed by pushing a button. You can conveniently get this product from TranDesk. 

It provides the ease to work at different angles of different heights and increases the energy and productivity of the person working.

electric adjustable workbench         Fig 1 Electric Adjustable Workbench

2.    How Does an Electric Adjustable Workbench Work?

You may find high quality and easy to use electric adjustable desks at TranDesk. You need to plug in the product. The desk uses 60 – 350w depending on the load it has. While on the standby mode it consumes 0.5w.

TranDesk offers a 5-year warranty with an electrical adjustable workbench and makes the product in different colors.

electric adjustable workbenchFig 2 Electric Adjustable Bench Working

3.    What Are the Various Types of Electric Adjustable Workbench?

TranDesk provides many types of electric adjustable benches. Here are three different model numbers and features.

·       W100

This workstation design is single motor and anti-collision so that you can use this stylish product for your office.

This design adjusts to the height without changing your table with a load capacity of 20kg. You can get this product in white and black color. 

You can see the working of W100 in this video 

·       W200

W200 is a little advanced as it is dual monitored, anti-collision, and single motor. It can carry a load of 40kg.

This electric adjustable workbench consumes electricity and has a powder surfacing coating. White and black both colors are available at TranDesk. 

·       D261 Electric Adjustable Desk Frame 

TranDesk also provides desk frames that are electrically adjustable for the ease of customers. You can get this and add a top of your own choice and color.  

electric adjustable workbenchFig 3 Electric Adjustable Workbench Frame

4.     What Are the Benefits of Using Electric Adjustable Workbench?

When your employees use electric adjustable workbench, you can see many benefits like:

  • The employees are more active, and they have a better morale
  • Improved creativity 
  • Less backache and neck pain
  • Helps in healthy lifestyle
  • Prevent weight gain
  • Mentally Active

electric adjustable workbenchFig 4 Being Active using Electric Adjustable Workbench

5.    What Are the Applications of Electric Adjustable Workbench?

Electric adjustable workbenches are part of workplaces where the workers have to work at different heights like standing and sitting. 

The main thing about these workbenches is that everyone who works can get this and use it. For example, you can use it in, 

  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Industries of chemicals
  • Utensil Factories
  • Factories of clothes 
  • Engineering companies

You can also get this workbench for your home to do your work and move around quickly.   

electric adjustable workbenchFig 5 Use of Electric Adjustable Workbench in Industries

6.    Can I Get an Electric Adjustable Workbench with Storage Capacity?

TranDesk makes their desk according to the needs of the customers. You can add drawers or extra top, also, if you want.

Having the drawers may reduce the weight capacity of the workbench, so this matter has to be discussed with the company representative.

You can also add more compartments and modesty panels to your electric adjustable workbench according to your liking.

This way, you will be able to organize your stuff more nicely, and less mess means more concentration.

electric adjustable workbenchFig 6 Storage Capacity

7.    How Much Weight Can an Electric Adjustable Workbench Bear?

The weight carrying capacity of a desk varies from model to model. For example, the W100 of TranDesk can bear the weight of 20kg while W200 can carry 40kg weight. Another design, E200, is a single motor product that can hold almost 102kg weight.

Dual motor designs of TranDesk like D200 can bear a weight of 100kg. L-shaped products of TranDesk T390 and T391 can maintain a weight of almost 152 kilograms.

electric adjustable workbenchFig 7 Weight Bearing Material Used

8.    What Is a Single Motor and Dual Motor Electric Adjustable Workbench?

You must know that the single motor and the dual motor are the power output of these tables.

  • In a single motor design, the motor is visible and attached to both table legs. While in double motor design, the motors are smart and concealed.
  • Compared to the single motor, dual motor products are faster and more weight-bearing.
  • Single motor electric adjustable workbenches make more noise than dual motor products.
  • Dual motor product has concealed motors and is, therefore, more good looking.
  • Single motor products of electric adjustable workbenches have more affordable prices when compared to dual motor designs. 

electric adjustable workbenchFig 8 Single Motor Adjustable Workbench

9.    What Is the Difference Between an Electric Adjustable Workbench and Hand Crank Desk?

Electric adjustable workbench is a product that is the latest in technology when compared to hand crank desks.

It uses electricity and can be operated with just one switch while you need to put force in the hand crank desk.

electric adjustable workbenchFig 9 Hand Crank Desk

Hand crank desks use more time to adjust than electric adjustable workbenches.

Electric adjustable workbenches require significantly less maintenance and repair. TranDesk provides a five-year warranty with its products not available on hand crank desks.

10. How Much Electricity Does an Electric Adjustable Workbench Consume?

The use of electricity by the electric adjustable workbenches depends on the model of different products.

  • Single motor products consume less energy than dual motor products. TranDesk also provides us with the Triple motor electric adjustable workbench.
  • Single motor products of model W100 and W200 consume the power of <0.5W on standby conditions and have a maximum speed of 20mm/s.
  • The dual-motor products of electric adjustable workbenches consume relatively more electric power than single motor products.

electric adjustable workbenchFig 10 Providing Electricity

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