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Desk Usb Outlet– The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The USB outlet has been a source of great ease for you. You can use the cable to charge your devices instead of finding the adopter because it is convenient.

Considering this, TranDesk has introduced desk USB outlets as most office work happens through devices placed on the desks.

With TranDesk’s five USB charging outlets embedded right into the surface, your desk can become the workspace from the future. Because chargers, too, can be fashionable.

The following FAQ guide will help you learn different aspects about the Desk USB Outlets.

1.    What Is a Desk USB Outlet?

desk USB Outlet is a typical cable connection mechanism for computers and other consumer products.

Desk USB outlets provide a secure connection to your devices without power breakage. They can also provide electric power to devices that require it over the cable.

For example, most of the cell phones come with charging cables and their adapters. TranDesk desk USB outlet eliminates the need of adapter.

You can conveniently connect your mobile to the cable and plug it into the USB outlet. It makes the area neat and also it is convenient for you to carry a cable with you rather than big adapters.

Furthermore, multiple outlets allow you to charge several devices simultaneously.

Desk USB Outlet     Figure 1 Desk USB Outlet

2.    What Are the Uses of a Desk USB Outlet?

A desk USB outlet is an elegant and convenient way of utilizing the space and charging the devices.

You may find USB outlets in several consumer electronics. For example:

  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Humidifiers
  • Small decorative LED lights
  • Mini Bluetooth speakers
  • Other similar devices are connected to a desk USB outlet without an adopter.

The USB outlets remove the requirement of the adopters on a large scale.

Use the correct cable type with appropriate interfaces on both ends to connect a device from one port to another. USB cables support all accepted types and male/female variants.

Remember that things don’t always go as planned when working with electronics. There are several reasons why a desk USB outlet might cease functioning properly. If you’re having issues with your USB device, you can always send us an inquiry.

Desk USB OutletFigure 2 Charging a Mobile on a Desk USB Outlet

3.    What Are the Advantages of a Desk USB Outlet?

The advantages of desk USB outlet provided by TranDesk are as follows:

  • Huge variety
  • Compatible
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Resists shock
  • Stabilizes the power supply
  • Easy installation
  • Takes less space
  • Both wire and wireless facilities
  • It makes your desk looks presentable  

4.    How Can I Install a Desk USB Outlet to My Workbench?

Desk USB outlets and data units are a convenient and effective way to provide power to your devices.

When it comes to desk power units, USB outlets are a standard go-to.  If there are any bumps or unwanted holes in your walls, desktop tables, and counters these outlets are a good fix for that.

Working on a table with a lot of devices requires a lot of cable connections. This can actually create a huge mess. These USB outlets are also a great solution to table mismanagement. Let’s proceed to the installation process.


Here are a few things to think about before heading to the store to buy your outlet.

  • Get a tape measure.
  • Measure the dimensions of your existing outlet. Usually the USB ports are larger. Also, consider the depth of your junction box.
  • Installing the USB outlet on the side of the desk would be more convenient as it will keep off the table mess. Knowing this will make the installation process go more smoothly.
  • To get the information about the current flow, our USB outlets also have a chip which shows you that.
  • Besides the pricing there are certain other factors to consider like, customer evaluations, functionality, and safety.

For Installation

  • Take any of the suitable TranDeskUSB outlets.
  • Read the instructions properly.
  • Connect the wires and USB outlets precisely to a desk.
  • Install them where they do not interfere with your daily work, such as beneath the desk’s surface or behind it.

Desk USB OutletFigure 3 Under Desk USB Outlet

You can also take the help of our company professionals to install the desk USB outlet. We have also attached a link to the installation video for your better understanding.

5.    How Many Cables Can I Connect to My Desk USB Outlet?

You may get a Desk USB outlet with two, three, or more USB connections. It depends upon the type of desk USB outlet you are using. For instance, if you are using our Desk USB – 05, it gives you two cable connections in addition to the adopter connections.

The cable connections are model specific. You can have your custom-made desk USB outlet if you need more cable connections.

Desk USB OutletFigure 4 Desk USB Outlet with 2 Ports

6.    What Are the Applications of a Desk USB Outlet?

A desk USB outlet is a modern convenience that can increase the appeal of your study room. However, you must choose the correct type of USB outlet for your use. This is because all of them are same and you might not identify the difference between them. Each USB outlet has different specifications.

Buy the one that meets with the national electricity codes. This is important for the safety of your life and your devices. Do check the temperature resistance while buying as well.

Desk USB outlets are suitable for every workbench. For instance, you may use them in offices, hotels, receptions, banks, homes, schools, conference halls, meeting rooms, etc.

USB outlets are also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • You can use them to replace a regular electrical outlet.
  • There is no need to invest in the high-cost electrical outlets
  • Electricity is equally utilized by each USB port.
  • You don’t have to rush to buy the micro-USB adopters. You can directly charge your phones on the outlets.
  • It is a low-cost addition that can increase the value of your home.

Desk USB OutletFigure 5 Desk USB Outlet in a Meeting Room

7.    What Are the Specifications of the Desk USB Outlet?

The specifications of a desk USB outlet are:

  • They consume 100 to 220V current and take maximum power of 1500 Watts.
  • The USB ports take 5V to 1.2 Ampere current.
  • We have manufactured this Desk USB outlet with aluminum, and the clamp installation makes it easier for you to install it on your desks.

8.    Can I Change Any Regular Power Outlet Into a Desk USB Outlet?

Are you thinking to replace a standard outlet with a desk USB-compatible outlet?

It’s as simple as plugging in any other electrical outlet.

Many USB outlets are engineered to work with various electrical outlet wiring configurations for your ease. You must hire someone if you don’t know to wire an outlet.

Adding a desk USB outlet to your home is a low-cost way to improve the quality of your life. For example, you can conveniently connect your cell phone, tablet, lamp, blue tooth speakers, and many other devices to your USB port without the need for a power strip.

9.    Do Desk USB Outlets Draw Power When Not in Use?

It’s improbable that they will not. The reasons are as below:

  • When you are not charging any gadgets, nearly all AC to DC converters draws a relatively modest idle current by design.
  • While some good designs drain less power than others. Unless the USB socket has a physical switch, it will always consume some power while waiting for a device to be plugged in.
  • These are new sockets on the market, and unless you have a strong reason not to use a plug-in USB charger, we would advise against it.
  • Several manufacturers utilize their technique for detecting 1A and 2A charging currents.

10. Is It Faster to Charge a Phone with a Desk USB Outlet?

If you choose to charge your gadget from a laptop or television, it might give a current of nearly 500 amps to your device.

The second way is to use an adapter. It might be difficult at times to plug the gadget into a power outlet.

However, the desk USB ports provide you with the facility to charge your gadgets up to 40% faster. All you need to do is, plug either end of the charging cable to your mobile and the other with the USB port.

TranDesk manufactures USB port outlets with smart chips. It can determine the amperage of devices. Consequently, it alters the current output accordingly and ensures to charge each device as rapidly as possible.

Desk USB OutletFigure 6 Fast Charging with Desk USB

11. Does Switching to a USB Outlet Increase Electricity Bills?

No, USB receptacles do not impact electricity bills. This is because their electrical power is same that of the phone chargers.

However, the charging speed may cause an impact on the billing as TranDesk desk USB outlets (in some cases) tend to charge the device faster than its original charger.

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