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Trandesk is China’s leading standing desk manufacturer with a history of more than 5 years.

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Using Trandesk laser cutting, robotic welding, and automated powder coating, your standing desk has more excellent quality control.

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You can grow your furniture business use the Trandesk Desk Sockets.

Trandesk uses special steel to ensure that the Desk Sockets will not be deformed for a long time.

Desk sockets are an innovative solution for those who need to connect variable devices while sitting on a workbench.

Desk Sockets are becoming more popular than ever before, even though many other charging options are still effective. Because of their adaptability and efficacy are extensively used in offices, common rooms, homes, and other areas.

Continue reading the following FAQ to learn more about these devices and why you should install them on your desks.

1.     What Are Desk Sockets?

A desk socket is an easy and fast way of charging and providing electricity to your devices. You may connect computers, smartphones, printers, cameras, digital music players, and other digital gadgets.

A desk socket manufactured at TranDesk is a type of connector that also accepts USB plugs and the three-pin switches. It has become the industry standard for numerous digital devices and computer peripherals.

Also, you may get surface mounted, recessed, or pop-up power strips at TranDesk.

Sockets’ ability to deliver electric power to any device over the socket interface is another characteristic.

The main purpose of desk socket is to eliminate the need of wire extensions. You can conveniently connect the devices to your desk.

Also, your working area remains neat and tidy. No need to have tangled wires underneath your desk. Just connect your laptop to the desk socket and remove the plug as soon as the work is done.

Desk Socket    Figure 1 Desk Socket

2.     What Are the Uses of Desk Sockets?

Desk Sockets are widely utilized for their efficacy and brilliance to charge electronic gadgets.

You can observe the shift away from the leads to the desk sockets in recent years.

This change is for convenience. You can effortlessly run your computer, laptop, and other devices by plugging them into your deck.

You can use these ports to run various gadgets like:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Smartphones\Tablets
  • Kindles
  • Headphones
  • Speakers with Bluetooth
  • Wearable fitness monitors
  • Power banks on the go
  • MP3 players are portable audio players.
  • Wearable computers

3.     What Are the Advantages of Desk Sockets?

The advantages of your desk sockets are as under.

·         Convenient

Providing power to your computers and other devices has never been so easy. You can connect your devices conveniently with your desk without looking for a nearby plug or wire extensions.

Furthermore, desk sockets allow you to charge and use your gadget simultaneously. That’s reasonably practical. Other mobile devices will require you to disconnect them before usage.

Some plugs have a limited number of ports, making it challenging to run multiple devices. Installing desk sockets in your home will alleviate all of these problems and provide you with the convenience you deserve.

·         Energy Efficient

Desk sockets are more energy-efficient than older power charges. They produce a more significant current and charge your electrical devices in the lowest period feasible.

Furthermore, these outlets have no standby power, which increases their efficiency even more. Even if your device is turned off but still plugged in, it will not consume energy.

·         Durable

Most portable leads are prone to breakage due to their lightweight and elegant designs. Desk sockets, on the other hand, are far more durable.

You may need to plug in multiple devices on a typical system at once. It makes them vulnerable, and repairing them can be costly.

·         Safe to Use

One of the essential advantages that desk sockets may provide is increased security. It’s common knowledge that overloading your switches and outlets can result in fires. Those many adapters and chargers can quickly overload your outlets, causing damage.

On the other hand, a skilled electrician can install sockets in various spots throughout your home and especially on your desks.

You won’t have to overload your outlets this way. Furthermore, because sockets are more efficient at running electronic gadgets, they eliminate the need for several adapters. It reduces the likelihood of an overload.

·         Adaptable

Installing desk sockets has several advantages, one of which is their adaptability. You may run any electronic device on this socket.

You can run and charge everything from tablets to gaming consoles, video cameras, fitness devices, and digital cameras!

Desk SocketFigure 2 Advantages of Desk Socket

4.     How Can I Install a Socket on My Desk?

The first step towards installing the desk sockets in your home is to turn off the electricity. Electricity is quite hazardous. Never work on your electrics unless you’re sure they’ve been shut off. If you decide to change your house’s sockets, make sure you test the power with testers.

Secondly, dig the holes in the desk with a drilling machine (if you want to fix it on the table). Then, you can set the socket into the desk by using the screwdrivers.

If you are not compatible with using drilling machines, you can use double tape to fix the socket on the side of your desk. It also gives a unique appearance and convenience. We have also added a link to the installation video. You can either watch it or contact us for any queries.

5.     How Many Devices Can I Connect to the Desk Sockets?

A desk socket can be smaller or larger. Usually, a socket has 3 to 4 available connections for your ease. Some desk sockets also have USB ports in them.

You can order any of your choices at TranDesk. Or, you can call for customization.

6.     What Are the Applications of Desk Sockets?

A socket’s design is meant to accommodate a variety of applications. You can connect devices according to your job requirements. These desk sockets are helpful for users in variable situations. Like:

  • Offices
  • Universities
  • Computer labs
  • Conference rooms
  • Hotels
  • Home workbench
  • Hospitals
  • Reception desks
  • Booking offices
  • Study tables
  • Shops
  • Banks

7.     What Are the Specifications of Desk Sockets?

The desk sockets consume significantly less energy and work on 220V, which is regular. When you use these sockets, no extra energy is utilized, and there is no increment in the electricity bills.

TranDesk uses high-quality aluminum to make your desk sockets. These are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

However, you may get desk sockets that are compatible with 110V (on demand).

Desk SocketFigure 3 Recessed Desk Sockets

8.     Are Desk Sockets Safe to Use?

In areas like airports and offices, you may have noticed plug outlets with built-in sockets. They may have been fitted as standard equipment if you’ve recently moved into a new home.

They function in the same way as any other socket: you connect the switch of your device and plug it indirectly, eliminating the need for an additional AC adapter. It is because it provides the 3-way switch plugin option and the two-way switches.

While plugging any compatible device into one of these outlets is generally safe, you may experience some charging speed difficulties.

All sockets convert 240-volt mains electricity to 5 volts, used to power electronic devices. Not all sockets, however, produce the same current. Some low-cost devices draw as little as 1 amp, and many of those with two sockets share the current.

Suppose a socket between the two connections uses 2.1 amps. That means you could charge a smartphone at full speed in each socket simultaneously.

However, try charging two tablets or a smartphone and tablet simultaneously, and you’ll be waiting for hours.

However, keep in mind that certain low-cost, defective products on the market may threaten your safety and operate poorly.

Desk SocketFigure 4 Safe to Use Desk Sockets

9.     How Do I Choose a Desk Sockets?

The main factor to consider while selecting the desk socket is the current intensity it may provide.

If you are using your desk sockets for charging the devices you must consider that larger the larger batteries will want more energy or electric current charge at a sustainable rate.

Different batteries take energy according to the devices they are fixed in. For example, a battery of a mobile will take less current because it has a small battery. On the other hand, a device with a large battery will take more energy to charge.

10. Can I Leave the Cable Plugged in the Desk Socket All the Time?

A cable that has been unplugged from a device but is still plugged into a desk socket uses a tiny amount of electricity and may heat up somewhat.

However, this is only a concern if you use the cable:

  • In extremely hot or humid conditions, the transformer inside may short-circuit and spark.
  • If you leave the cable near combustible materials, it will catch fire (wood, etc.)
  • The cable is of low quality and construction.
  • There is an issue with the desk sockets, wall outlet, or the electrical system in general.

As a result of these circumstances, most fires caused by plugged-in cables have occurred.

However, TranDesk cares for your security and ensures to manufacture desk sockets that are safe to use.

Desk SocketFigure 5 Safe to Use Desk Sockets


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