Why Is A Standing Desk Good For You?

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Sitting for too long is not healthy. Many people/workers who spent a lot of their time sitting at a desk all day are suffering from this health hazard. Around the world, a lot of you might have heard about the term “Standing desk”! But what is it? Does it really help or it is just a gimmick? And why are many people inclined towards the standing desk for better health?.

Hi! My name is Mark Sheng. Over the past years I have been asked this question “Why is a standing desk good for you?” many times. As a standing desk expert with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and research, I have decided to write a detailed answer covering all the aspects. The following topics are covered in this blog: we are going to learn “Why is a standing desk good for you?”

●    Are There Real Benefits To A Standing Desk?

●    Ergonomic Benefits

●    Health Benefits

●    Work From Home

Are There Real Benefits To A Standing Desk?

Why Is A Standing Desk Good For You

Indeed, standing desks have some real benefits which are scientifically proven. Not a gimmick but a standing desk is rather beneficial from wellbeing to work perspective. Standing desks are widely known for their use in offices and workspaces. According to 6 months of study based on call center workers, the standing desk users seem to be 45% more productive than regular desk users.

Ergonomic Benefits

The standing desks score the most in the ergonomic department. This product checks all the boxes which are needed to provide you with the optimal body posture. You can switch between sit-to-stand while keeping focused on your work, standing desk allows you to stretch your legs and pace around while you are deeply focusing on your work. Even when you are not working, the standing desk is convenient to jump around your computer to play a song or read your emails.

Health Benefits

Why Is A Standing Desk Good For You

Standing means adding movement to your life, and movement boosts your energy level and keeps you focused. Standing desks reduce muscle, joint, and back pain. Standing desks protect you from bad body posture that could be caused by sitting for more than 6 hours. Standing means better blood circulation and better circulation reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Standing burns more calories, almost 12% more as compared to sitting. This means standing desks also reduce obesity.

Work From Home

In today’s pandemic situation the number of WFH employees of different industries has increased by a significant amount and people are looking for better workstations at home. Standing desks fulfill their needs and requirement of a proper workstation. Providing you enough space and a healthy and professional work environment where you have the freedom to switch easily from sitting to standing. The standing desks are now the top choice of WFH employees.

TOP 5 Things You Should Consider

Once you know all the types of standing desks available then you are good to go. Here are a few things you might look into:

  • Do some research about the company
  • Check warranty period
  • Look for key features
  • Try to get an electric height adjustable desk, these are most recommended and highly beneficial.
  • Make sure your electric height adjustable desk has got desk height memory.

Types Of Standing Desks

There are different kinds of standing desks available in the market and all of them are doing their job perfectly, but not all the types are the same and made for every individual. Before making a decision you should understand the purpose of each standing desk, so you have a better idea of what you are purchasing.

have a look at key features of all standing desk types and see what type of standing desk is recommended for you.

1: Fixed Standing Desk

Why Is A Standing Desk Good For You

If you are a person who is looking for a basic standing desk and don’t want to spend more on features then the fixed standing desk is your type. A fixed standing desk is cheaper as compared to other standing desks and it does the basic job which is keeping you in a standing position. Fixed standing desk is a customizable product which means you can adjust the desk height to your custom height. The fixed standing desk is not height adjustable; you can only make customization while placing your order.

The fixed standing desk is not a great option if you work continuously standing without taking a break. You can use a standing chair in pairs with a fixed standing desk to sit, but it is quite difficult to maintain ergonomics with a standing chair.

2: Standing Desk Converters

Why Is A Standing Desk Good For You

Standing desk converts are a good option for someone who wants to keep their regular sitting desk. Standing desk converts cost less than a whole standing desk but they occupy around 90% of the desk surface which leaves you with just using keyboard and mouse on the desk.

3: Manual Hand Crank Standing Desk

Why Is A Standing Desk Good For You

A manual standing desk is a great and cheaper option if you are looking for a whole new standing desk. The manual standing desk does not have any automatic height adjustable system, instead the manual standing desk uses a hand crank to adjust the desk height. This method takes physical effort and if you often switch your desk position then this might not be the optimal choice for you.

4: Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Why Is A Standing Desk Good For You

Electric height adjustable standing desk uses electric motors for a height adjustable system. It comes with various features like one-touch operation, smart Bluetooth app control, memory board, and much more. The height-adjustable desk is a proper desk “unlike a standing desk converter”.

Height adjustable standing desk provides you with optimal ergonomics and advanced features and it is considered to be the choice among all the standing desks.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a new way to improve your health and increase productivity at work! Then the standing desk might be what you have been looking for.  Standing desks are great for reducing back pain, increasing productivity, and improving your energy. We hope that our blog post about why a standing desk is good for you has helped you understand the benefits of changing desk height.

If you want to learn more or have any queries, simply contact us.


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