Why Height Adjustable Desk Is A Good Business Idea?

Figure 1: Why Height Adjustable Desk Is A Good Business Idea

Top 5 Reasons Why Height Adjustable Desk Is A Good Business Idea

A height adjustable desk is an important business tool for everybody who is working in an office. It is essential for health. If you are working on your computer, you can not sit in the same position for hours. Your body must be properly supported.

If you are not sitting properly, you will suffer backaches at the end of the day. A height adjustable desk is an ergonomic solution designed by Trandesk for desk users. Height adjustable desk allows you to switch from sitting to a standing position while using the desk.

Hi, my name is Mark Sheng and I am a height-adjustable standing desk manufacturer and expert with 10 Years of experience in standing desk project development and office solutions. In this blog, I’m going to share my knowledge with you based on my 10 Years of experience with height adjustable desks.

Height adjustable desk is now widely known as a major office ergonomic product and in this blog, we are going to look at the reasons for “Why Height Adjustable Desk Is A Good Business Idea”.


Figure 2: Online Sales

In 2021 online market is considered to be one of the most important sources of growth for a business, after the impact of Covid-19, people tend to shop from online stores more as compared to offline stores. The height adjustable desk has a huge online market, But not every product can be sold or delivered online especially desks. But Trandesk has created a solution for this.


Height adjustable desk is a product that was born for online sales. From easy-to-ship lightweight detachable design to the drop-proof packaging of the height adjustable desk, Trandesk has been making their product logistics friendly without compromising on quality. With a detachable design, the height adjustable desk is easier to ship with damage-proof packaging. The lightweight height adjustable desk makes the shipping cost as low as possible.


Variety in any product is a key factor to increase online sales. Different variety of height adjustable desks allows the customer to make a better and confident decision about the purchase they are making. Three regular color variety of black, gray, and white is available with a height adjustable desk to match any color scheme you are going for your table.


Figure 3: Product Features

To increase the growth of the business the product has to be packed with lots of unique features to stand out against competitors. There are many other height adjustable desk sellers are in the market but not every product has unique selling points such as Trandesk’s height adjustable desk. The height adjustable desk is a healthier and intelligent product, combined together these two elements make height adjustable desk the ultimate and healthy solution of office ergonomics.


Figure 4: Desing

The height adjustable desk has a DIY-friendly design for convenient installation. The desk frame is made with high-quality raw material. Height adjustable desk has a detachable frame design which makes it easier to shift from one location to another.

Trandesk makes the height adjustable desk in distributed design which means that there are only a few core parts. The height adjustable desk frame is capable of holding different tabletops from 1100 to 1800mm in size.


Figure 5: Smart Control

Trandesk’s Height adjustable desk is the most advanced and convenient product you can purchase. The height adjustable desks have an onboard controller with pair of buttons to control the desk height. But Trandesk took a step further and made their height adjustable desk smart and easy to control with a smartphone, using Bluetooth wireless technology you can pair your smartphone Bluetooth with the height adjustable desk to access the control of your desk.

 A Bluetooth app will allow you to control your desk with one touch. This will allow you to save your desirable desk height profile which you can later access. Smart Bluetooth app is a Unique Selling Point of Trandesk’s height adjustable desk.


Figure 6: Customer Benefits

The core function of this product and the main reason why the height adjustable desk was invented is to solve customer problems. The height adjustable desk is not just a piece of furniture, it’s a special design product that targets not only the furniture market but also the height adjustable desk is well known for the healthy ergonomic office solution.


Figure 7: Health Issues

The major reason for height adjustable desk development is to encounter the health issues that regular desk users are facing in offices and workplaces. Sitting for too long can cause several health issues such as obesity, back and neck pain, incorrect body posture, high blood pressure, higher sugar level, and heart diseases. Height adjustable desk is the ultimate solution for all these issues.

Height adjustable desk keeps you healthy by allowing you to switch from working in a sitting position to a standing position. Height adjustable desk is an expert solution for office employees suffering from such diseases caused by sitting for too long. A height adjustable desk is a brilliant product which not only keeps you healthy but also increases productivity and that is the reason why a height adjustable desk is the most demanded product of office ergonomics.

The market size of height adjustable standing desks is around 6148m $ in 2020 and will reach 9540.9 million USD by 2027. The estimate of growth is almost at a CAGR of 7.6% during 2022-2027.


Figure 8: Quality And Customer Support

Height adjustable desk is a high-quality product that has a maintenance-free design. the height adjustable desk does not need any maintenance in (5 years) warranty period. Trandesk has achieved this by keeping their quality standard highs. Almost every product that has been used on daily basis requires maintenance but not the height adjustable desk that Trandesk is making.

It is very hard to imagine a product for that like a car that runs daily but yet required no maintenance. Trandesk has done it with a height adjustable desk making it a maintenance-free product. Trandesk has combined the distributed design with portable after-sales parts like the control box. The control box or any after-sale part does not require professionals.

The control box comes with a troubleshooting program manual, which is provided to teach customers to troubleshoot with one phone call. The after-sales products only need to replace the damaged part. A smart troubleshooting guide with easy replacement makes it cost-saving and saves a lot of money.


Figure 9: Height Adjustable Vs Regular Desk

The height-adjustable desk is advanced and more reliable as compared to the regular desk. Height adjustable desk is an ultimate work station which not only provides you a large working space but also increases productivity and work energy. As compared to the regular desk the height adjustable desk will allow you to work for extra hours without risking your health at cost.

Height adjustable desk is a product made with quality material meanwhile the regular desks are made with local materials and poor design, not only do regular desks have less life span but also have low market value as compared to height adjustable desk.



It has been proven by the given reasons that the height adjustable desk is the ultimate business product targeting a large number of consumer markets such as furniture, health, and office ergonomics. So we hope you gained some valuable information and insight on why height adjustable desks can be a good investment for your business and employees.

 If you have any other questions or concerns about height adjustable desks, please contact us.


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