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The safety and well-being of consumers are of paramount importance in the marketplace, particularly when it comes to products that are part of daily routines. Standing desks, which have gained popularity as a healthier alternative to sitting all day, are not exempt from these concerns. Recent revelations have brought attention to certain models of standing desks that have been recalled due to safety hazards. These recalls are critical for preventing potential injuries and maintaining trust in product quality standards.

A recall of this nature typically occurs after the discovery of a defect that could lead to personal injury or product malfunction. In the case of the standing desks in question, such defects are often related to the mechanisms that adjust the desk’s height. The 3M™ Precision Standing Desks are among those that have been voluntarily recalled in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) due to concerns over the desk’s stability and the risk of the gas cylinders forcefully ejecting.


Manufacturers and regulatory bodies, such as CPSC, disseminate information about product recalls, and they often provide remedies that may include repairs, replacements, or refunds. Awareness and responsiveness of both the consumers and the manufacturers play key roles in effectively managing a recall and safeguarding against risks.

Overview of Standing Desk Recall

Recent recalls of standing desks have cited safety concerns and have been overseen by entities such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These actions underscore the importance of rigorous product safety standards and consumer awareness.

Recall Scope

Multiple brands of standing desks have been identified for recall due to potential hazards. Products are being recalled for issues that may lead to injuries, ranging from cylinder malfunction to the risk of lead paint exposure. Notable brands impacted include 3M Precision Standing Desks and Eames Desk Units. Customers are urged to cease using the products and contact the manufacturers for remedies, which could include repairs or replacements.

Key Entities Involved

The CPSC has been integral in publicizing these recalls and enforcing safety standards. Companies such as 3M and MillerKnoll have been working in coordination with the CPSC to address the identified issues and facilitate the recall process. Distributors and consumers are also essential in the recall effort, as they must respond to the safety notices and take appropriate action to mitigate risks.

Details of Reported Incidents

This section covers the specific hazards associated with the recalled standing desks and the incidents, including injuries and damage, that have been reported as a result.

Types of Hazards

The primary hazard with the recalled standing desks arises from the malfunctioning gas cylinders. These cylinders may separate and forcefully discharge, potentially causing harm to users and bystanders. Products affected include Precision Standing Desks, with model numbers SD60B and SD70B. The risks identified highlight the potential for serious or fatal injury.

Reported Injuries and Damage

There have been at least two incident reports involving the aforementioned standing desks which resulted in property damage. While no specific details on the nature of this property damage have been released, the incidents underscore the seriousness of the hazard. At this time, there are no confirmed injuries associated with the recall, yet consumers are warned of the severe risks posed by the faulty equipment.

Consumer Information

Consumers should remain alert to product safety announcements and be proactive in addressing recall notices. The following sections provide specific details on safety alerts and options for repair or replacement of recalled standing desks.

Safety Alerts

The Consumer Product Safety Commission ( issues safety alerts to inform the public about products that pose a potential hazard. For instance, if a standing desk has been recalled due to a defect, the CPSC will release detailed information regarding the nature of the safety risk. Consumers can sign up for e-mail alerts directly from the CPSC to receive timely notifications about product recalls.

Repair and Replacement Options

When a recall is announced, the manufacturer often provides details on repair and replacement options. For standing desks, this might include a free repair service or a cylinder replacement program. Consumers are typically advised to contact a provided hotline to discuss their eligibility for these options. It is important for consumers to follow the instructions provided to ensure their own safety and the proper functioning of the product.

Impacted Products and Identification

In recent safety notices, specific standing desks have been identified for recall due to potential safety risks. Consumers need to be aware of the affected brands and models, as well as methods to identify if their standing desk has been recalled.

Affected Brands and Models

The recall primarily impacts the 3M Precision Standing Desk models, specifically SD60B and SD70B. These desks have been cited for corrective action due to safety concerns. A variety of other brand names and models have also been mentioned in related recall notices, indicating a broader concern over certain sit-stand workstation designs within the industry.

Identifying Recalled Desks

To ascertain if a desk is part of the recall, consumers should look for the lot number or serial number on their product. These details are often found on a label attached to the underside of the desk. For the 3M Precision Standing Desk models SD60B and SD70B, the recall notice applies to products distributed prior to May 14, 2019. Consumers owning these models should check for the specific lot numbers mentioned in the recall notice.

Preventive Measures and Consumer Action

Manufacturers and consumers both play critical roles in the process of a product recall. This stage is essential for safeguarding public health and adhering to federal regulations.

Manufacturer Advice

Manufacturers are advised to establish proactive safety measures and initiate voluntary-recalls if a product poses an unreasonable risk to consumers. In the context of a standing desk recall, manufacturers may consult with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for guidance on mitigating hazards. They must communicate the force and weight specifications correctly to prevent product malfunction.

Consumer Rights and Remedies

Consumers should be informed of their rights and the recommended actions to take during a recall. If a standing desk is recalled, consumers can often seek remedies such as repairs, replacements, or refunds. They are encouraged to respond promptly to recall notices to protect their safety. Utilizing consumer action by reporting product issues to the CPSC helps maintain oversight and protects the public interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recall of standing desks primarily concerns safety and product functionality. Consumers should understand how to navigate these recalls effectively.

What are the common reasons for standing desk recalls?

Common reasons for standing desk recalls include mechanical issues that could lead to potential injury, such as instability, risk of collapse, or malfunctioning height adjustment mechanisms, as seen in the 3M™ Precision Standing Desk recall.

How can I check if my standing desk has been recalled?

Consumers can check if their standing desk has been recalled by visiting the manufacturer’s website or contacting the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Information can also be found on recall pages such as IKEA’s product recalls.

What should I do if my standing desk model has been recalled?

If a standing desk model has been recalled, consumers should stop using the product immediately and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which may include returning the product, receiving a repair, or scheduling a replacement. For example, instructions for the 3M standing desk recall provide a specific hotline for scheduling repairs.

Are there any health risks associated with using a recalled standing desk?

Using a recalled standing desk can pose health risks if the desk is prone to sudden height adjustment changes, structural failures, or collapses, all of which could lead to physical injury.

What are the procedures for repairing or replacing a recalled standing desk?

The procedures for repairing or replacing a recalled standing desk typically involve contacting the manufacturer to get details on the repair or replacement process. Some recalls may offer on-site repair services, while others might require the consumer to ship the desk back to the manufacturer.

How do standing desk recalls impact warranty or return policies?

Standing desk recalls often extend the original warranty to cover recall-related issues and may provide additional return options. Manufacturers may amend their policies to accommodate the recall, ensuring that consumers receive the necessary service to correct or replace the recalled item.


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