Should I Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk?

Should I Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Like many other people, you might have the same question in your mind. The simple and short answer is YES!. You should definitely get a height-adjustable desk whether you have a regular desk or not.

Hi! My name is Mark and I’m a Standing Desk expert, with 10 years of experience in research, development, and manufacturing of Standing desks. Many people have reached out to me asking the question “should they get a standing desk or height adjustable standing desk?” and my answer has always been YES. I spend a huge amount of my time at work and I personally love having a height adjustable standing desk. After using a regular desk for many years I started to feel discomfort due to bad body posture.

Because I was spending too much amount of time sitting at a regular desk and not having a break, prolonged sitting made me less productive and tired. When I first started to use a height adjustable desk I had noticed major health improvement. Now I’m productive and energetic.

In this article I’m going to tell you about the Top 4 Reasons: Why You Should Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

  • Ergonomics
  • Reduces heart diseases risk
  • Obesity
  • Improves productivity
  • Keeps you in shape
  • Types of standing desk
  • Conclusion

Top 5 Reasons Reasons: Why You Should Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk

1: Ergonomics

Should I Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Figure 1: Ergonomics

The height adjustable standing desk is designed while keeping one thing in mind which is ergonomics. A Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a revolutionary product that has set a completely new vision in office ergonomics. Different people around the world suffer from bad body posture and back pain due to the time they spend at their desks. Sitting in the same position for hours can be really painful for your body.

If you are also a person who’s going through all the problems caused by unhealthy desk sitting then the height adjustable standing desk is the best option for you. Even if you don’t have bad body posture or prolonged sitting issues, I would still suggest you get a standing desk because more likely you might end up having such problems after a few years. It’s an investment for your healthy life.

Height adjustable standing desk offers ergonomics. Users can adjust the desk height to their desired position. Desk provides tons of different features like memory profiles, Smart app controller, Anti-collision, child lock, and last but not least position switch timer.

2: Reduces heart diseases risk

Should I Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk
man having heart attack. healthcare concept

Figure 2: Reduces risk of heart diseases

Standing desk improves the blood circulation in our body, balances sugar levels, and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

The term sitting is the new smoking was introduced to indicate the risk of excessive sitting because it can lead to serious health problems including heart diseases. You should be spending at least half an hour standing for the 2 hours you have spent sitting.

Height adjustable standing desk users have the freedom of changing their work style as per their needs. This means that you can switch to standing height after every 2 hours by manually pressing the one-touch key or you can set an automatic timer and the desk itself will do this job for you.

3: Improves Productivity

Should I Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Businesswoman Relax from work. At the office

Figure 3: Improves Productivity

Height adjustable standing desk improves productivity up to 45%, helps you to fight inactivity, and keeps you focused.

A 6 months survey done on call center employees reported that after using a height-adjustable standing desk, employees were 45% more productive because of the change in working behavior that the height adjustable standing desks brought to their lives.

With a height adjustable desk, you add more movement which is a most needed thing in order to stay healthy and focused in your work life.

4: Reduces Obesity

Should I Get A Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Figure 4: Reduces Obesity

Standing burns over 170 additional calories compared to the same amount of time you spent while sitting.

According to studies a survey conducted by health and sports china in 2020 states that people have been consuming too much oily and unhealthy food during the pandemic. Another study published by Cambridge University Press reported that people were spending too much time sitting and watching TV, using computers, and Mobile phones during the pandemic. An unhealthy diet combined with prolonged sitting is a serious threat to our healthy life and the most common issue is excessive weight gain.

A standing desk user can counter obesity issues by adding standing time to their work schedule. By switching their desk height from time to time, you can increase the calorie burn rate without doing any extra exercise. An amazing future in Trandesk height adjustable desk will help you a lot in maintaining this schedule. You can set a Desk timer which will automatically switch desk height from sit to stand.

Types Of Standing Desk

Trandesk has different types of Standing Desks to offer. These Standing Desks do the same job but the way they do is different, here’s a list of available standing desks.


I would conclude this article by saying, that if you spend a large amount of time at the desk then you should get a height adjustable standing desk. Height adjustable standing desks are ergonomically designed to prevent unhealthy conditions such as bad body posture, bad blood circulation, heart diseases, and much more. There is no doubt that standing desks are expensive but instead of purchasing a product you are rather doing an investment for your health.

I hope that this article will help you in making the right decision. If you have any queries please Contact Us.


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