List Of Standing Desk Recalls


Many Standing desk manufacturers have recalled their standing desks in past years. Due to malfunctions, these standing desks have caused serious injuries to many consumers and for that reason, the companies associated with such standing desks have faced a huge loss in business and reputation. A nonstandard desk is not fully certified which makes it a risk for consumers’ safety.

My name is Mark Sheng and I’m a standing desk expert. According to my experience of more than 10 years in research and development, I have seen many nonstandard desks causing injuries and property damage because of their low-quality standard and noncertifications. In this article, I’m going to cover a few standing desks that have caused injuries and risks for consumers’ safety due to malfunctions. We will also cover the following topics:

  • Standing desk recalls
  • Why are substandard desks a risk for consumers’ safety?
  • Best way to ensure safety
  • Trandesk Certification

Recall: Realspace® Magellan Performance Electric Height-Adjustable Desks

List Of Standing Desk Recalls

Figure 1: Realspace Magellan Electrical Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The product Realspace Magellan Performance electric height adjustable desks were recalled on 10th July 2019. Due to the malfunction in the controller box which was causing electric shock. About 19,00 units were recalled in total. Assigned recall NO #19-759.

This product is sold at the offline stores of Office Depot in the USA and Puerto Rico and also at their website The product retails at $500.

The solution for this recall is to get free replacement of the controller box along with the installation instructions. Office depot states that consumers should immediately stop using the product and get a replacement as soon as possible to avoid any unfortunate harm.

Manufactured in


Official importers

Office Depot Incorporation of Boca Raton.

CPSC Recall

Recall: 3M™ Precision Standing Desk

List Of Standing Desk Recalls

Figure 2: 3M Precision Standing Desk Converter

Due to 2 incidents that have been reported in May 2019, a recall was made for the 2 specific models (SD60B, SD70B) sold prior to 14 May 2019. Incidents reported that if not being used properly the gas cylinder of standing desks can malfunction and result in a serious hazard. It has the potential to cause serious injury but however as such no injury was reported. The reported incidents were property damage.

The solution for this malfunction was a free cylinder replacement at your doorstep. Contact number  1-888-807-0765 to schedule a replacement, takes 30 mins on average to get one standing desk fixed. This is only valid for you if you are from the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico region. For international replacement please contact the local distributor.

Standing desk notice



Recall: Square Grove Sit-Stand Desk Converters

List Of Standing Desk Recalls

Figure 3: SquareGrove Sit-stand Desk Converter

On June 02, 2016 (CPSC) made a recall for a product named sit-stand desk converters model UPL147. The square grove sit-stand desk converter is sold at the retail price of $200. The sit-stand converter was sold via 2 main store websites.


Manufactured in Taiwan

Imported by
Square Grove LLC of Austin, Texas.

Due to two incidents reported from consumers, serious injuries had happened that caused a broken finger and a bruise. The sit-stand desk converter uses a pneumatic mechanism for lifting. Consumers reported that the mechanism was causing injuries. The recall states the consumers should immediately stop using desk sit-stand desk converters and they should contact the manufacturer for a free repair solution.

Square Grove Sit-stand desk recall

Recall: Knape & Vogt Sit-Stand Workstations

List Of Standing Desk Recalls

Figure 4: Knape & Vogt Sit-Stand Workstation

Knape & Vogt recalled about 76,000 units of sit-stand workstations. According to (CPSC) the sit-stand workstations were reported for causing injuries and property damage. In total 2 cases were reported and after that, a recall was made immediately. The affected units were allowed the lot number which contains letters (VOL) and starts with numbers 16, 17, 18, and 19.

The lifting mechanism of the sit-stand workstation can malfunction and cause the gas cylinder to discharge which results in injuries and property damage. A consumer reported that the malfunction was so forceful that the cylinder made a hole in his office drywall.

Knape & Vogt offered a free repair at the doorstep solution for this issue and advised their consumers to stop using their affected product and get repair as soon as possible to avoid any unfortunate incident.

Manufactured In


Imported By

Knape and Vogt

Why Are Substandard Desks A Risk For Consumers’ Safety?

A nonstandard/substandard desk is a complete risk for consumers’ safety because of not being fully certified. UL, CE, SAA, and other certifications are required for a desk in order to become safe for consumers. These certifications ensure that the end product is tested and it’s safe for use.

Substandard Desks are dangerous and a threat to consumers’ safety, as I have mentioned above many cases were reported where the consumer has suffered through injury and property damage. Substandard desks have also caused business loss for many importers and wholesalers, not only that but it can be a serious problem if a consumer files a lawsuit against the firm and the sellers. It’s highly recommended to avoid substandard standing desks for both consumers and importers/wholesalers.

Best Way To Ensure Safety

The reason behind these malfunctions is not having third-party certifications such as UL, CE, SAA, and Quality checks. These certifications are highly important for a manufacturer because Third-party certifications ensure that the product is safe for consumers. Certifications also ensure that the product is high quality and the risk of malfunctions is very less than the noncertified brand.

Trandesk Certifications

Fig 5 Trandesk Certifications

Figure 5: Certified

Trandesk has achieved all the certifications that are required globally. It’s our honor to say that we are fully certified and we have UL, European CE, Australian SAA, and on top of that we are BIFMA compliant. Trandesk comes with all standard and advanced safety features as well. Such as anti-collision, child lock, protected controller box, and much more. Our top priority has always been consumers’ safety and experience. Trandesk is a fully certified manufacturer for consumers.


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