How To Use A Standing Desk ?

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A standing desk is really easy to use. With the help of a touch controller, a user can either operate the desk manually by pressing the Up and Down buttons or they can set the memory preset to use a one-touch operation system. The standing desk can also be operated by a smart mobile app.

If the user has a Manual standing desk then the user can simply adjust the desirable height by rotating the hand crank.

Hi! My name is Mark Sheng and I’m a Standing desk expert with 10 years of experience in manufacturing and research of standing desks. In this article, we are going to dive deep into the Standing desk user guide. Including topics:

  • How to Assemble a Standing desk?
  • Precautions
  • How do I turn on my standing desk?
  • How to setup a standing desk?
  • How To Troubleshoot A Standing Desk?
  • How much weight can a standing desk hold?
  • Conclusion

How To Assemble A Standing Desk

How To Use A Standing Desk

Figure1: Standing desk

Assembling a standing desk is not a hard job. Trandesk has designed its standing desk for easy installation at home without any professional help. The desk frame comes in detached parts. A set of quired tools and screws comes with the desk frame along with the installation manual.

An easy to understand detailed guide will help you in the installation of all the screws and parts to form a desk frame.

At least 2 persons are required for the task.

How To Use A Manual Standing Desk?

How To Use A Standing Desk

Figure 2: Manual Standing Desk

The assembling process is the same as for an electric standing desk. The only difference is that a manual standing desk doesn’t have an electrical box, controller, and electric motors. Rather it uses a hand crank for height adjustments.

Users can raise or lower the desk height by moving the hand crank clockwise and anticlockwise.


How To Use A Standing Desk

Figure 3: Precaution

When you are done with the assembling and the standing desk frame is completed the next step is setting up the standing desk. but before we get there let’s talk about the precautions first.

Make sure that the place you are choosing for a standing desk is not surrounded by obstacles. This means that the desk needs enough space to move freely up and down.

Do not place any object taller than (20” inches) under the desk.

The power source outlet should be near the desk.

The power cord attached to the power outlet should be long enough to stretch all the way up when you raise the desk.

Do not let children touch the electronic parts, A high voltage current flows through electric parts and it is dangerous.

Do not sit or stand on top of the desk, do not go beneath the desk.

How Do I Turn On My Standing Desk?

Plugin the power cord into the power outlet of 110-240v. Once the desk is powered you will hear a beep and the display on the controller will be turned on. Now for the first time in order to use a standing desk, you must perform a reset. Before performing the reset make sure that the is empty. To perform a reset simply press and hold the DOWN Button until the desk reaches its lowest height. Release the DOWN Button. Again press and hold down the DOWN button until the display shows “rES”.

[Note: If you are using a non-head display desk then press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds.]

Release the button and again press and hold the down button, the desk will go half an inch down and then slightly up. Release the button. Now your desk is reset and ready to use.

How To Setup A Standing Desk?

Now you have finished assembling the desk and you have read all the precautions. Let’s move to the next step. Setting up a standing desk is more of a personal choice of the individual user. Place the desk at your desirable place which is also an appropriate place for the desk.

Don’t forget to recheck the precautions we talked about earlier.

I would personally suggest you set up a desk where you wanted it the most. For example, for me, I like my desk set up in my workroom where I can focus without any disturbance. Most people use standing desks for computer setups so let’s talk about that.

A standing desk is large enough to put all the computer set up on it including dual motors, monitor arm, speaker set, keyboard, mouse, and PC itself.

To setup, a standing desk for computer setup first choose a place that matches all the requirements. It is recommended to place a standing desk against a wall. the wall protects your components from falling off the table in most cases. A wall can also be customized to add an aesthetic look to your setup.

How Much Weight Can A Standing Desk Hold?

A height-adjustable standing desk can hold a max load of 120kgs.

120kgs is the max weight limit, but it’s not recommended to put on all that weight. try to stay below the limit for example in this the max load holding capacity is 120kgs so putting a weight less than 100kgs would be the optimal option.

How often should you stand at a standing desk?

Even though standing is better than sitting at a desk, it still is not recommended to stand all the time.

you got your standing desk and you are all hyped for a healthy desk experience. You are thinking about using a standing desk while standing all the time, rather than sitting. But hold on! Even though standing is better than sitting but still you can not use a standing desk all day long. You can set the timer to switch between the sitting and standing position of the desk.

Here you can read more about “How long you should stand at a standing desk

How To Troubleshoot A Standing Desk?

When the standing desk shows error codes and ASR sign means that the desk needs reset.

Error codes

How To Use A Standing Desk

Figure 4: Standing desk error

When the display screen of your standing desk shows error code E01 – E60 please check all the cables, motor box, and power cord. If the error continues, it means that the desk requires a reset.

If the display shows HOT, it means that the desk is overheating. To troubleshoot this issue, leave the standing desk for 18 minutes to rest.

(Note: the product is designed for duty cycles of 10 percent. Means 2 min. on, 18 min, off.)

If the issue stays the same then please contact your seller for professional support.

Final Thoughts:

After reading this article, I hope that you have learned in detail about how to use a standing desk and how to troubleshoot a standing desk. Must check out our blog section for more information.

If you have any queries please contact us.


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