How To Make A Standing Desk ?

How To Make A Standing Desk

The procedure of making a good standing desk itself is a hard task. It requires high-quality raw material and professional work to design and assemble a good standing desk.

Hi, my name is Mark Sheng and I’m a standing desk expert, with 10 years of experience in research and manufacturing. According to my research and experience, I’m going to tell you “How To Make A Standing Desk” and what it takes.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

  • What Makes A Good Standing Desk
  • Procedure Of Making Standing Desks
  • What Makes Trandesk Stand Out
  • Why Do You Need A Standing Desk

What Makes A Good Standing Desk

How To Make A Standing Desk

A standing desk is usually considered good when it fulfills the user requirements. The major role of a good standing desk is to provide a healthy work environment. The standing desk which has multiple features like Height adjustment and smart control is considered a good standing desk.

A good standing desk should fulfill your needs, the desk should be providing you with enough space for your desk setup. The max load capacity is also one of the main key features.

The standing desk should be made of good material and build quality. Ergonomic Features and Warranty is also a part of what makes a good standing desk.

Things You Should Consider While Making A Purchase:

  • Research about company
  • Look Key features of the desk
  • Warranty coverage
  • Desk size
  • Max load capacity
  • User reviews

Procedure Of Making Standing Desks

Trandesk uses the advanced method for standing desk production. The manufacturing process is divided into the following stages:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Automatic Welding
  • Polishing
  • Paint job
  • Assembling
  • Packaging

Laser Cutting

How To Make A Standing Desk
laser cutting. Metal processing on cnc laser machine with sparks

The first stage in making a standing desk is cutting the raw material. Trandesk uses advanced industrial laser cutting machines to process the raw material. This Industrial machine cuts through the material with the accuracy of 1mm. Laser cutting machines ensure that the quality standards remain constant through each and every batch.

Auto/Robotic Welding

At the 2nd stage of production, Trandesk uses automatic robotic welding for raw material welding. At this stage, the desk frame comes in shape and it is considered to be the most important stage in production and there is no chance of compromising the quality.

Regular hand welding can cause errors and such error leads to a bad quality product.


How To Make A Standing Desk

Now that the desk frame is in shape, the next stage is to give a detailing polishing to the desk frame by smoothing out welding spots. Trandesk uses the hybrid polish method (Machine And Hand Polishing). The surface is polished by the machine till the welding spots are clean. Some joints are not accessible with machines, that’s where the professional hand polishing saves the day.

After polishing is finished the standing desk frame is now ready for the stage.

Paint Job

How To Make A Standing Desk

The paint job is done by a robotic arm that sprays equal coating. Trandesk uses a high-quality powder coat to make the desk frame surface rust-free and smooth. Together the powder coat and polished surface give a clean and beautiful look.


5th stage of making a standing desk, assembling is done after the paint job is finished. The final product has to go through the semi-automatic assembly line where a linear actuator and other components are getting installed. The standing desk also has to go through a QC at the assembly line.


The final stage of standing desk production is the packaging. Standing desks are now assembled and ready to ship. Workers pack standing desk frames in safe and strong packaging that helps in keeping the product safe while logistics.

What Makes Trandesk Stand Out

How To Make A Standing Desk

Trandesk provides the best quality standing desk. Tandesk covers all the mentioned points which makes a good standing desk. From quality to safety, from customer support to warranty, Trandesk makes sure to cover all these things and delivers the best of the best.

Trandesk standing desks are made with A-Grade material. The standing desk is packed with multiple features, such as:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Height adjustable system
  • One-touch height adjustment
  • Smart app control
  • Low noise motors
  • Max load capacity (120kgs)
  • 5 Years of warranty

Trandesk has different variations of standing desks,

Why Do You Need A Standing Desk?

Around the world, the term “Sitting is the new smoking” or prolonged sitting is used to indicate the risk of sitting for too long. It is considered to be harmful to your health because sitting could cause you different health issues and heart diseases.

Most of our time that we spent sitting at a desk could lead us to an unhealthy life. A standing desk is the ultimate ergonomic solution to counter prolonged sitting. The standing desk also helps you to reduce obesity.


The procedure of making a good standing desk is rather important than we could think. The top priority of any good standing desk manufacture is to keep the quality high and price low for their customers. I hope this blog helped you to understand the procedure of making standing desk and the concept of “How to make standing desk” is clear.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.


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