How To Choose A Height-adjustable Desk For A Tall Person?

Height adjustable desk for a tall person

Figure 1: Height adjustable desk for a tall person

There are 5 important points you should look at while choosing a height-adjustable desk for a tall person.

Did you know that a height-adjustable desk or standing desk increases productivity and provides a healthier way of living? Height adjustable desks are gaining popularity every day. If you’re tall, or someone who has to work for long periods of time on a computer, then why not take advantage of the latest technology to help you feel more comfortable.

when it comes to choosing the right standing desk for tall people it’s a bit harder and rather confusing than it should be. Hey, my name is Mark Sheng and I’m a standing desk expert with 10 years of experience in research and manufacturing of height adjustable standing desks.

In this article we are going to cover:

  • How tall are standard office desks?
  • Why is desk height important?
  • How tall should a desk be for a tall person?
  • Desk height measurements
  • Things you should consider

How Tall Are Standard Office Desks?

Around the world, 28-30 inches is considered to be the standard desk height. These heights are ideal for someone who is between 5.8’’ to 5.8’’ tall. But for shorter or taller people the standard desk height may cause discomfort and health issues. Suitable desk height depends on an individual’s height and varies from person to person, meanwhile, a height-adjustable desk offers you to switch between different height ranges which is why the height standing desks are the best choice for tall people.

Why Is Desk Height Important?

Height adjustable desk for a tall person

Figure 2: Why is desk height important?

As we are familiar with the term “sitting is the new smoking” it is necessary to take a step towards a healthier life by decreasing the time we spend while sitting. According to the British Heart Foundation, their research shows that 78% of office workers are spending 75% of their time sitting at their desks and working. Sitting at a desk with incorrect height will cause temporary discomfort and it will lead you to an unproductive work life.

Not only you are putting your body posture at risk but also making yourself vulnerable to several diseases. Right desk height is necessary for good body posture and it won’t only increase comfort but also it will boost your productivity and workflow.

How Tall Should A Desk Be For A Tall Person?

Height adjustable desk for a tall person

Figure 3: How tall should a desk be for a tall person

A desk should be tall enough to provide you with enough legroom that allows you to stretch wide from time to time. The height of the desk depends on the user’s height. it varies from one person to Another depending upon their own height. Tall people usually suffer from not enough legroom and short table tops causing them discomfort while typing or using the desk for long runs.

Desk Height Measurements

If you are a tall person that finds that your desk is too low for you to maintain an upright posture, you are probably wondering what the right height for a desk is. Here are ideal desk measurements that will help you to choose the right desk height for yourself according to your own height.

Your Height ( feet and inches)Seated Desk Height (cm)Standing Desk Height (cm)
5′ 6″6794
5′ 7″6896.5
5′ 8″6999
5′ 9″70101.5
5′ 10″71104
5′ 11″72106.5
6′ 1″74111.5
6′ 2″75114
6′ 3″76117
6′ 4″77119
6′ 5″78122
6′ 6″79124.5

Things You Should Consider:

While choosing a standing desk for a tall person you should consider a few important things which are extremely helpful for you.

Desk Type:

Height adjustable desk for a tall person

Figure 4: Desk types

Standing desks come in different types and heights. A regular standing desk is generally fixed at standing height which means it can neither be raised nor lowered by the user. It is recommended to go with a height-adjustable standing desk which allows you to raise and lower the desk according to your needs.

Manual Or Electric Height Adjustable Desk:

The height-adjustable desks are available in 2 different niches. Electric and Manual. Manual operated height-adjustable desks use a hand-crank height adjustable system to lift or lower the desk while the Electric height adjustable desk is powered with single, dual, or sometimes 3 electric motors.

One great feature of an electric desk is that it comes with a control box which is pre-programmable and one-touch operated. If you are a tall person and share your desk with other people as well then the electric desk is the best option for you. You all can set the right desk height for personal use and then later you can get the exact height with one press of a button.

Standing desk converter:

If you have a regular desk and you don’t want to buy the whole desk again, then the standing desk converter comes handy. A Standing desk converter sits on top of a regular desk and increases the height of the desk from sitting to standing position. However a standing desk converter is not the best optimal option for someone with tall height.

The Warranty:

Make sure you are getting a product warranty for a certain amount of time. A good quality height adjustable desk lasts up to 20-25 years.


Before you start looking for a desk, take a moment and consider your needs and preferences. If you’re tall and need a desk that is adjustable, be sure to measure your desk height needs before you go shopping. There’s no sense in purchasing a desk that will be too tall or too short for you.

We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this! We hope you enjoyed our article about choosing a height-adjustable desk for a tall person and we’re excited to hear from you.

If you have any other questions about how to choose a desk, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading.

Height adjustable desk for a tall person

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