Why Are Height Adjustable Desks So Expensive?

Why Are Height Adjustable Desks So Expensive

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The build process of a standing desk is totally different from conventional desks, it requires advanced machinery and professional efforts. Height adjustable standing desks are made with A-Grade Quality materials making them expensive as compared to standard desks. Are expensive standing desks worth it?

Hey, my name is Mark sheng and I am a standing desk expert with 10 years of experience. today I’ll answer your questions and tell you the reason behind what’s making a height adjustable standing desk so expensive, and why people are still paying it regardless of it being more expensive than the average standard desk.

Top 5 Reasons Why Standing Desks Are Expensive

Raw Materials

Why Are Height Adjustable Desks So Expensive

Figure 2: Raw Material

Trandesk’s height adjustable standing desks are made with A-Grade Quality materials. High-quality components and raw materials such as steel pipes and metal sheets are needed in order to make a standing desk frame that includes desk legs. The frame is the strength of a standing desk, and the whole standing desk relies on its frame. strong legs and a stiff desk frame add quality and value to the desk frame. regular desks are mostly made with low quality material and they also have less life span.

If you are looking for a strong desk that can hold up to 120kgs without compromising stability then you might understand that height adjustable standing desks are expensive for a reason.

Electric Motor

Why Are Height Adjustable Desks So Expensive

Figure 3: Electric Motor

An actuator is used to make the adjustment system of electric height adjustable standing desks. These actuators are powered by one or two electric motors. These electric motors are high quality low noise electric motors and provide a weight lifting capacity of 120kgs. The cost of high quality electric motors is greater than cheap brushed motors which significantly affects the cost of height adjustable standing desks. If you are thinking of buying a standing desk but you don’t feel comfortable paying extra for electric motors then Trandesk also makes a manual version of height adjustable standing desks.

The manual standing desk is cheaper than the electrical one. Because there is no expensive actuator used to make an adjustment system, instead, the manual standing desk uses a hand crank to lift and lower the desk. Being cheaper doesn’t mean that the raw quality of the manual standing desks is compromised. Trandesk makes all standing desks with the same A-Grade quality material.

Build Process

Why Are Height Adjustable Desks So Expensive
laser cutting. Metal processing on cnc laser machine with sparks

Figure 4: Build Process

The materials which are used in the making of standing desks do play a major role in the high price tag, but the build process is something that we can’t ignore. Without a build process, the desk is nothing but pieces of raw material. Trandesk uses advanced engineering methods in the production of its standing desks. This process consists of automatic robotic cutting of raw material and then automatic robotic arm welding.

From cutting to finishing polishing the production standards are equally high and constant. The production line also includes quality checks and workers putting their efforts to make a high-quality standing desk for customers.


Over the past year, standing desks are highly in demand, and the demand is increasing by the passes. We all are familiar with the Supply and Demand formula. When demand increases the price will increase as well. Pandemic has also become a major reason for products being expensive.

During the pandemic, standing desks have been highly in demand because different office workers are working from home and they need a proper workstation at home. The product value is still justifying the price bracket of height adjustable desks.

Ergonomics & Health Benefits

Why Are Height Adjustable Desks So Expensive

Figure 5: Ergonomics and health benefits

Mostly the standing desks are known for Ergonomics and health benefits. What makes a standing desk more reliable is having ergonomic and advanced features, these features are the reason why a user prefers having a standing desk rather than a regular desk. Conventional or standard desks are cheap because they lack all these features and they are designed to fulfill the basic purpose of a desk.

Height adjustable standing desks are designed for providing the best user experience possible including all the advanced features which cover health aspects as well. These features don’t cost cheap but even though the prices are high nowadays, Trandesk is still trying to give the best price possible by producing standing desks in mass.

What Should Be The Price Of A Standing Desk?

This question is rather difficult to answer in a few lines. It depends on how much you are willing to pay and what are your requirements. First of all, you have to understand that not all the standing desks are the same. There are different kinds of standing desks and your next question would be how many types of standing desks are there? How does a height adjustable desk function? etc.

No need to worry if you don’t know about all these things. It’s highly recommended to read (how do you choose a standing desk?).

This article provides a better idea of what you are looking for in a standing desk. Each type has its own USP.

Back to the point, listed from low to high price, these are the available standing desks starting. The lowest is around 150-500$ and goes up to 2000$. Additional customizations cost extra.


When it comes to the cost, height adjustable standing desks are expensive because of their advanced features but there are some great benefits that we should consider. When you are buying a height adjustable standing desk you are making an investment for your healthy work-life. It keeps you healthy, reduces the risk of several diseases, and keeps you focused and productive. If you are purchasing a height adjustable standing desk please do research and read this article carefully. Knowing what you want and what are your requirements will help you a lot in making the right choice.

Surely the height adjustable desk and its benefits justify why it falls in the expensive product category. I hope this blog post has answered your question, for more details and queries please contact us.

Why Are Height Adjustable Desks So Expensive

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