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Trandesk is the top supplier of Back Standing Desk Frame, providing you with the most competitive Back Standing Desk Frame

About Trandesk

Trandesk is a leading supplier of standing desks. Trandesk provides you with an Ergonomic Workspace Solution Base On Standing Desk.
Our product provides you with back to back standing desk frame office  standing desk solutions.
We have accumulated a wealth of experience through trial and error. We have pushed our manufacturing skills and automation equipment to the leading position in the industry for more than three years.

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Trandesk’s Back To Back Standing Desk Frame

Trandesk provides an ergonomic office-based solution on standing desks. We offer the most reliable and effective workspace solution to make your life easier.

Trandesk is the leading supplier of Back to Back Standing Desk Frame by presenting the most competitive Back to Back Standing Desk Frame. Due to our excellent solutions, a lot of customers believe in Trandesk for putting forth exquisite standing desk solutions that make their everyday life better.

What does it take to achieve this level of expertise? Through years of experience, Trandesk has been working as a back to back standing desk frame manufacturer. With our trial and errors, we have provided the best solutions that resulted in Trandesk to become a leading company in the industry.

In simple words, Trandesk is an all-in-one solution if you’re seeking a quality standing desk frame, TV lifts, and other related accessories. We offer a handful of back to back standing desk frames so that you can focus on your work without having to worry about all the posture problems.

Our Back to Back Standing Desk Frame Solution

As a leading back to back standing desk frame factory, Trandesk provides low-cost standing desk frames that are made by automated equipment. We have pushed our manufacturing skills to a fully automated environment that gave us an industry-leading position for more than three years.

Trandesk manufactures back to back standing desk frames of different kinds. With height adjustable desk frames, phenomenal loading capacity, impressive maximum speed, and fully customizable 200+ color options, we aim to eliminate current working problems, especially in this digital age.

There are various back to back standing desk frames. Trandesk is the industry-leading back to back standing desk frame manufacturer. Moreover, we offer low cost, square-shaped, and premium back to back desk frames with no compromise in the quality.

Just send us your inquiry, and we will be more than happy to send you an instant quote.

How to Choose the Right Standing Desk Frame?

Being a leading Back To Back Standing Desk factory in China, Trandesk has provided some of the most important key points that you should look before buying a standing desk frame. The points are illustrated below:

  • A standing desk that provides plenty of durability to put your daily belongings such as bags, laptop, monitor, phone, documents, and other basic stuff.
  • The standing desk should be wide enough to provide the users a sense of creativity that will give a boost to their productivity levels.
  • A height adjustable back to back standing desk that will allow both individuals to set the height of their sides without interfering with one another.

Why do you need a back to back standing desk?

If you and your partner are having a hard time working with back pain, Trandesk has given the best solution when it comes to back to back standing desks. By using these standing workstations, numbers are the evidence that it removes back pain to give you a productive experience while working.

Here are some of the reason why Trandesk recommends the back to back standing desks:

  • Increased productivity, boost in your creativity
  • Using back to back standing desk improves your spinal posture, encouraging the removal of back pain
  • Ideal for people who are suffering from back pain or the lack of focus.
  • High quality electric standing desk made by Trandesk to give you the best possible experience.
  • You and your partner can take mutual benefit by choosing a back to back standing desk

Trandesk’s Back to Back Standing Frame Applications

Our back to back standing frame solutions are well suited for the office and home environment. With Transdesk’s standing frame, you will find a handful of benefits. Some of the benefits are stated down below:

1.   Reduced Back Pain

An average adult experiences back pain at some point in life. Trandesk wants to make sure that your working experience doesn’t put a cap on your body. Back pain is one of the most common complaints we’ve received by various workers who have to stare at the screen for a long time.

The Take-A-Stand project from 2011 found out that the people who spent 66 minutes of their work standing experienced roughly 54% reduction in back pain. The same goes for neck pain.

Trandesk builds the most affordable and premium quality back to back standing desk frame that will eliminate your back problems and help you stay fit – along with your partner.

2. Helps us stay focused – Full of energy

Sitting all day on a desk can make you drowsy. It offers a direct relationship with an increased risk of anxiety and depression. According to a report from The Telegraph, standing straight can help you fix your everyday depression.

Trandesk heard the problems and fixed them. We have put forth quality back to back standing desk frames with flexibility in every aspect. Not only do we provide a variety of options, but Trandesk is also always open to your suggestions when it comes to building a customized back-to-back standing desk frame.

3. It takes productivity to the next level

To improve your mental health and make you stay fit, we have designed standing desk frames that will take your productivity to a whole other level. The sole idea of eliminating back and neck pain gives you a boost in your productivity and mental alertness.

Our standing desks come with adjustable height with a durable design so that you won’t feel any stress.

Why is Trandesk the right fit?

Trandesk is the leading manufacturer of back to back standing desk frame suppliers. Our products incorporate solutions to eliminate the risk of back pain, neck pain, heart attack, and poor focus.

We produce thousands of back to back standing desk frames without an automated production line. So if you want a full-fledged package for your business, Trandesk offers a custom quote.

Company Business Advantage

As a leading Back to Back Standing Desk frame wholesale company, Transdesk has obtained UL, European CE, Australian SAA, and other certifications for our credibility.

These certifications are evidence of how Trandesk is a perfect fit for the back to back standing desk manufacturing company.

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Besides back to back standing desk frames, Trandesk offers all types of standing desk solutions like Single Leg, Dual Motor, L Shaped, 4 Leg, Single, Manual Standing Desk Frame, and a lot more.

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