Back To Back Standing Desk Frame T400

Back To Back Standing Desk

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height605-1255mm
Frame Width:1000-1800mm
Max Speed:30mm/s
Max Load:1000N
Package Size1080*260*250mm *2

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Back To Back Standing Desk Frame T400

T400 – Product Description

As a professional back to back standing desk frame manufacturer in China, Trandesk supply standing desk frames in various models that are based on different colors, sizes, and properties.

The T400 is our classic two-person standing workstation that comes in a variety of colors. Some of our most popular colors are black, white, and gray. However, you can let us know your preference, and we will craft the best looking standing desk frame, based on your perceptions.

When it comes to T400, Trandesk’s  standard manufacturing size is:

  • Comfortable height for back to back standing desk 605-1255mm
  • Compact frame width 1000-1800mm
  • Maximum speed 30mm/s
  • Heavy Duty Max Load 1000N or 101.97 Kg
  • Comes with a package size of 1080*260*250mm *2

If you need a custom colored table, Trandesk can arrange one for you.

T400 Back to Back Standing Desk Frame – Join 2 or More People Together

Trandesk offers the two groups rectangular pipe standing desk that is ideal for two people. As a leading back to back standing desk manufacturer in China, we provide the most ergonomic standing desk frames. The T400 is one of them. Using Trandesk’s T400, you can join two people in working on a single desk.

The ideal of open-plan offices, each user can adjust the frame according to their preferences. Each T400 side incorporates a separate space for each user to work on. Rest assured, Trandesk has made sure that the user’s privacy is respected.

T400 can be wired in the middle to solve complicated problems in open space offices like a power line, router lines, network cables, and telephone lines. Trandesk’s T400 back to back standing desk contains 4 programmable manual control boards that memorize 4 different positions.

We offer the best possible experience with the minimum stress of the user’s surroundings. In addition, the connecting rod in the middle can be installed with the screen. Rest assured, privacy is guaranteed by Trandesk with its T400 model.

To get most from your back to back standing desk, Trandesk recommends taking a break or switching the position every 2 hours. Due to the COVID 19 situation, we have incorporated a middle link that can be customized to maintain social distancing. Now, you can work without having to worry about being exposed.

Trandesk has made this table durable, and it can handle up to 100Kg or 1000N weight. We are offering the best in class standing desk frame that is affordable and reliable.

Trandesk is always putting its clients on the front. Therefore, we accept any custom color you’d order us, and consider it done. T400 is an electric height adjustable standing desk frame that provides a max speed of 30mm/s. The motorized standing frame incorporates a 650mm stroke

In conclusion, Trandesk offers the most comfortable two person’s rise up back to back standing desk that comes with a premium height adjustable table base to cater to the needs of our client.

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