Back To Back Standing Desk Frame S400

Back To Back Standing Desk

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height605-1255mm
Frame Width:1000-1800mm
Max Speed:30mm/s
Max Load:1000N
Package Size1080*260*250mm *2

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Back To Back Standing Desk Frame S400

L Shaped Electric Standing Desk S400 – Product Description

Being a professional L Shaped Electric Standing Desk manufacturer, Trandesk introduces its S400 standing desk frame. The S400 is a back to back standing desk that allows users to work in the most ergonomic way possible.

The S400 is an L shaped electric standing desk that provides a handful of features. We take our clients opinions seriously, and that’s how Trandesk delivers the most premium looking standing desks with the best quality, no compromises.

When it comes to the S400’s properties, Trandesk provides the following manufacturing size:

  • The S400 comes with a package is of 1080*260*250mm *2
  • Max Load on this standing desk is 1000N or 101.97Kg
  • It comes with a flexible frame height of 605-1255mm
  • Max width of S400 is 1000-1800mm
  • The adjusting speed is 30mm/s

If you need a custom colored table, Trandesk provides more than 200 color selections for you to choose from.

Trandesk’s S400 – Back To Back L Shaped Electric Standing Desk

The S400 offered by Trandesk contains two square pipe columns that make the design compact. If you need something to fit in your home or anywhere, the S400 is the perfect fit for your interior. Trandesk has crafted the most comfortable L shaped electric standing desk that is ideal for profound spaces

With up to 200 color choices, make your dream come true. Moreover, the S400 offers plenty of space in the middle to solve cabling problems like a complex phone line, DSL modems, and any cable line that you’re using.

Trandesk crafted the S400 for those who are willing to buy something that is reliable and improves the everyday creative tasks. As a square L shaped electric standing desk frame, the 70*70 is a perfect and powerful addition to your interior.

Moreover, the connecting rod in the middle can be installed along with the screen. Fingers crossed, the screen won’t fall, and it will not interfere in any way when the other side is in use. When it comes to actual working, the S400 provides a productive environment for users to work in.

Like with all other standing desk frames, Trandesk has given enough flexibility to increase the distance between desks. Therefore, in hard times like these, you will be able to practice social distancing in a fun way. Now you can work without having to worry about getting infected.

Clients are most important to Trandesk, and therefore, we give flexibility in various aspects like the color selection. The S400 is an electric L shaped electric standing desk that provides the max adjusting the speed of 30mm/s and a stroke of 650mm.

If you’re worried about the heavy load capabilities of the S400, just know that it can incorporate up to 1000N worth of weight on it.

In other words, Trandesk’s S400 is an ideal L shaped electrical standing desk that comes with an adjustable height with most premium quality parts used so that the users can enjoy their work without health getting compromised.

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