Back To Back Standing Desk Frame-D461

Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame

Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame

ItemTechnical Parameters
Frame Height705-1205mm
Frame Width:1000-1800mm
Max Speed:20mm/s
Max Load:1000N
Package Size1080*260*250mm

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Back to Back Standing Desk Frame D461 – Product Description

Trandesk is a back to back standing desk factory that enables its clients to get the most premium and functional looking standing desk frames. We supply dual motor standing desk frames that are ideal for crafting the best office experience.

As a back to back standing desk frame wholesaler, Trandesk offers a plethora of unique products with different sizes, shapes, and even color combination.

The D461 is a dual motor standing desk frame that is based on a streamlined rectangular column. Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors such as Gray, White, Black. However, if you have any other color in mind, let us know. We will arrange one for you.

When it comes to the D461 standing desk frame, Trandesk’s manufacturing size is:

  • Package size 1080*260*250mm
  • Cozy Frame Height 705-1205mm
  • Pleasant Frame Width 1000-1800mm
  • Max Load with Heavy Objects 1000N or 102Kg
  • Maximum Speed 20mm/s

If you need a custom-colored desk frame, do let us know. Trandesk will supply you with a fully customized frame according to your preferences.

Back to Back Standing Desk D461 – A Dual Motor Standing Desk

Trandesk offers D461 that incorporates a dual-motor mechanism with rectangular columns. As the leading back to back standing desk frame supplier in China, we provide the most fitting standing desk frames to your company. What’s more? The D461 is simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

The D461 is ideal for a cost-effective solution that allows the users to work in a cozy environment without compromising their health. Trandesk has manufactured the D461 in a streamlined design that is based on a rectangular column.

As this standing desk frame uses extended feet that include 3 adjustable foot glides, the distance between both sides can be increased so that social distancing in these tough times is practiced. As a standing desk supplier, Trandesk always respects its customers and cares about their health. Therefore, the desk comes with manual boards that can be used to save your most comfortable positions.

Considering all the pros of this product, Trandesk’s D461 is one of the best standing desk frames we offer. We have made this frame durable enough to meet the user’s daily requirements. It comes with a capacity to hold 1000N or 102Kg or weight, that will be more than enough for anything.

Trandesk offers the most premium back to back standing desk that comes with Anti-Collision technology. Therefore, you won’t have any hindrances while setting up the table as both sides are practically free from one another. The D461 comes with a 500mm stroke and an adjusting speed of 20mm/s, making it a fully motorized standing desk frame.

Take your productivity to the next level with this back to back standing desk frame. As the leading back to back standing desk manufacturer in China, we offer the most high quality and durable products to our clients.

Trandesk’s D461 is a back to back electrical standing desk that is cost-effective, efficient, and simple. In other words, all in one package that is ideal for two-person office work.

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