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Trandesk can manufacture different types of Adjustable Office Desk, Adjustable Height Office Desk, Office Desk Electric, Office Desk Standing Adjustable, Stand Up Office Desk Adjustable, Adjustable Office Furniture, Height Adjustable Office Desk Electric and more

Your Adjustable Office Desk is produced under the first-class management system through the 6s management system. All Trandesk products have been tested by a third party, the internal quality control is higher than the third party testing standards, and a 5-year warranty.

Your Premier Adjustable Office Desk Manufacturer In China

Trandesk is China’s leading Adjustable Office Desk manufacturer with a history of more than 5 years.

Trandesk has 6 workshops, from mold processing, plastic parts processing, metal processing, powder coating, assembly, packaging, etc. to manufacture your Adjustable Office Desk.

What Trandesk provides is not only the Adjustable Office Desk, a high-quality product, but also a personalized customized service, and a R&D team that continuously launches new products.

Trandesk Adjustable Office Desk Project

You can use Trandesk Adjustable Office Desk to develop your office furniture business.

Trandesk provides different accessory services for different usage scenarios, and has more than 500 project of manufacturing experience.

Adjustable Office Desk Production Process


Raw Material Laser Cutting

Trandesk uses laser cutting machines to provide product cutting accuracy, and large-scale use can improve product uniformity.

The laser cutting machine can respond quickly, produce samples quickly, and deliver them in small batches quickly.
Trandesk uses a laser cutter to efficiently deliver your Adjustable Office Desk

Robot Automatic Welding

Trandesk uses robot automatic welding to ensure fast and accurate welding and effectively shorten the delivery time.

Trandesk continues to add robots to meet the growing needs of customers, and it is our vision to grow with you.

Robot welding uses carbon dioxide shielded welding technology, which allows the parts to be welded without being exposed to oxygen, which makes our products have no pores and higher strength


Hand Fine Polishing

Trandesk uses a combination of manual and machine methods to ensure polishing.

Machine polishing can save a lot of time and ensure that the Adjustable Office Desk has the same quality.

Manual polishing can ensure the effective removal of irregular welding slag, which is an effective supplement to automatic polishing.
Trandesk has excellent experienced workers.


Fully Automatic Powder Coating

Trandesk uses Fully Automatic Powder Coating​ to provide customers with stable quality.

For example, the use of Fully Automatic Powder Coating can provide a stable and balanced temperature, and the use of robotic spraying can ensure that the powder is at the same thickness.

The efficient integration of the automatic powder coating line can provide efficiency and ensure the quality of the Adjustable Office Desk.


Semi-automatic Assembly

The Semi-automatic Assembly, which Trandesk independently participated in the design, can effectively increase production capacity and produce products with stable quality.

The QC process control unit is integrated to further improve quality.



Trandesk’s packaging and final quality control can provide customers with a perfectly protected Adjustable Office Desk.

Accept customized packaging and customized cables.

Trandesk also provides packaging solutions based on zero environmental impact, contact us for more information

Adjustable Office Desk– The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Adjustable office desks are in trend for quite a time now and people are getting the benefits worldwide.

Whether you are a furniture business owner, interested in importing adjustable office desks in bulk, or someone who is just interested in renovating the office furniture, you will need the basic information.

This ultimate FAQ guide covers the basic specification to the manufacturing process and how will it be delivered to your doorstep.

  1. What Is an Adjustable Office Desk?

An adjustable office desk is defined as the type of standing desk available with the property to change the height according to the height of the office workers.

The adjustable office desks are becoming immensely popular in all types of working spaces, including offices.

The primary purpose of adjustable office desks is to provide a comfortable standing posture to the workers without causing back pain.

Thus, the office workers are demanding adjustable standing desks in their cabins to getting an uncomplicated change in their working posture.

The benefits of adjustable office desks are more than any other standing desk. They provide substantial space for the workers.

Besides this, more than 45% of people enjoy working with adjustable office desks since they witness a visible improvement in their productivity.

The better adjustability of the office standing desks has increased the working convenience because users can change their height according to their posture.

Not only this, but you can also transform the adjustable office desk into a sitting office desk, thereby adopting a better working position during your working hours.

 Figure 1 Adjustable Office Desk 1   Figure 1: Adjustable Office Desk

2.  What Are The Specifications Of an Adjustable Office Desk?

The key specifications of an adjustable office desk are listed as under:

  • They provide a large working station to the office going persons
  • They can be adjusted according to the height of the users
  • Adjustable office desks are compatible with sitting and standing postures
  • They are made up of high-quality build
  • The weight capacity of the adjustable office desk is versatile
  • They provide surplus space for placing various monitors
  • There are many stable mounting points for office accessories
  • The cable management system is also pre-installed on these desks
  • They keep the worker’s health in a good condition
  • They come with multiple standing desk designs to select
  • You can also customize the extra requirements in the adjustable office desks

Figure 2 Specifications Of an Adjustable Office DeskFigure 2: Specifications Of an Adjustable Office Desk

3.  How Long Does An Adjustable Office Desk Last?

An adjustable office desk lasts for an estimated time duration of more than 25.6 years.

However, the life expectancy of the adjustable office desks depends on their usage and the number of cycles it covers in a single day.

The increased number of sit-stand cycles covered by an adjustable standing desk decreases the lifetime of these desks.

If the adjustable office desk covers about 21,375 cycles in a year, it will have a life expectancy of about 27.4 years.

In addition to all this, the quality of components installed in the adjustable office desk also alters the durability.

Many Chinese manufacturers, including Trandesk, provide the highest quality adjustable office desk that lasts longer than any other standing desk in the market.

Figure 3 Life of An Adjustable Office DeskFigure 3: Life of An Adjustable Office Desk

4.  What Size Adjustable Office Desk Do I Need?

You’ll need the size of the adjustable office desks suitable for your working posture and height.

The primary reason for many customers to purchase the adjustable office desk is its adjustability according to the height of the users.

Thus, there are many factors that you need to consider when looking for the most appropriate size of the adjustable office desk.

Some of these common factors are:

  • Desk Height

The height of the adjustable office desk is the primary factor that makes it compatible with many of its users.

You can check the appropriateness of the standing desk by adjusting it with different height ratios of the users.

  • Desk Depth

Many adjustable office desks are available with a compatible depth of about 30 inches. This adjustable depth is perfectly suitable for many office workers.

Make sure to check the depth of the adjustable office desk to check the visual preferences and working capabilities.

  • Desk Width

The working space and adjustability of the adjustable office desks are also visible from the deck width. The width of the adjustable office desks ranges from 600mm to 900mm.

There are many sizes of adjustable office desks concerning the shapes and designs. Thus, try to choose the right design and style of the adjustable office desk.

  • Weight Capacity

Another essential factor to consider while choosing the correct height of the adjustable office desk is its weight capacity.

2 legs adjustable office desk has a weight capacity of 100kg and 3 legs adjustable office desk has a weight capacity of 160kg.

That is why experts suggest it check the weight capacity of the typical desktop items placed on the adjustable office desks.

Figure 4 Size of Adjustable Office DeskFigure 4: Size of Adjustable Office Desk

5.  What Is Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Adjustable Office Desk?

The most common types of materials that are included in the manufacturing of adjustable office desks are given as under:

  • Wood

The high quality and class derive of the adjustable office desks are because of solid wood.

The premium quality of sturdy and durable wood fibers is considered for the construction of adjustable office desks.

Moreover, the longer lifespan of the adjustable office desk is also because of the use of wood in the manufacturing of office standing desks.

Highly finished solid wood is used to give a classy appearance to the adjustable office desks.

  • Composite and Laminates

Improving the design, durability, and customization of the adjustable office desk is increased with laminates and composites.

The laminates and composites aren’t much different from each other.

In addition to their difference, for increasing the performance and the elegant style of the adjustable office desks, laminates and composites are the best options.

  • Metal

There is no other material that is more sturdy or durable than metal. This is why it’s used in the manufacturing of adjustable office desks.

Metal desks are perfect to use without the concerns of pest-fighting chemicals.

Metals are most frequently used to make the supporting structures of adjustable office desks like legs, table bases, or frames.

Figure 5 Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Adjustable Office DeskFigure 5: Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Adjustable Office Desk

6.  How Many Drawers Can An Adjustable Office Desk Have?

Adjustable office desks are available with two to four drawers or storage trays for increasing the storage space. Thus, these desks benefit people by working more efficiently.

There is a large number of adjustable office desks that are available with compatible storage trays and drawers.

The office sit-stand desks with desk drawers prevent the office workers from suffering the loss of storage space.

Not all adjustable office desks are available with heavy drawers because of their sit-stand property.

The alteration between the sit-stand postures in the adjustable office desks restricts the number of drawers. It is also counted as one of the negligible drawbacks of adjustable office desks.

Some potential storage solutions that are available with the adjustable office desks include:

  • Storage trays and drawers
  • Floor pedestals
  • Mountable hanging storage beside the desks
  • Hanging storage solutions

Figure 6 Drawers in Adjustable Office DeskFigure 6: Drawers in Adjustable Office Desk

7.  What Are The Features Of L Shaped Adjustable Office Desk?

The potential features of an L-shaped adjustable office desk are listed as under:

  • They give an extended working space to the office workers
  • They have modern lift systems with minimal outlook
  • These desks save the floor space
  • They help to increase the work area with ample monitor keeping space
  • The availability of two arms support the presence of multiple keyboard trays
  • These office standing desks provide the opportunity to multi-task
  • They have a stable working station as compared to other working stations
  • You can adjust L-shaped adjustable office desks in the corners
  • They enable the users to sit on the right or left side of the desk depending on your convenience
  • They don’t shake while working
  • Adjustable office desks are available with the reversible desktops
  • You can create a cubicle circle while working on the adjustable office desk

  Figure 7 Features Of L Shaped Adjustable Office DeskFigure 7: Features Of L Shaped Adjustable Office Desk

8.  Can I Get Customized Adjustable Office Desks In Bulk From China?

Yes, you can get customized adjustable office desks in bulk from China only by contacting a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to customize the construction materials or the size of the executive standing desks; you can get the best services by approaching a reliable manufacturer.

Many Chinese manufacturers are known to play the most important role in providing the customization needs of office workers.

Trandesk is regarded as the most efficient adjustable office desk supplier in China that tends to stand rightly with the customization demands of the customers.

The customization of the adjustable office desks by the Chinese manufacturers includes using desired materials, manufacturing different designs, and choice of different colors.

Besides this, the Chinese manufacturers also give access to choose from a variety of models.

Contacting the manufacturer is also not complicated. You’ll have to contact the supplier through their website.

Tell the support team everything about your demands and make the best quality adjustable office desk in the given time.

Figure 8 Customized Adjustable Office DesksFigure 8: Customized Adjustable Office Desks

9.  Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Good Quality Of Adjustable Office Desk?

Yes, the majority of the Chinese manufacturers provide the premium quality of adjustable office desks.

Some manufacturers do provide low-quality desks but you can find the best by doing a little research.

Trandesk is also regarded as one of those Chinese manufacturers that satisfy the customers by giving them access to high-quality adjustable office desks.

Some of the primary qualities of the Chinese manufacturers for ensuring the production of high-quality adjustable office desks are given as under:

  • Use of High-Quality Materials

Chinese manufacturers use the highest quality of materials for making all types of adjustable office desks.

The availability of raw material factories within China has increased the access of Chinese manufacturers to give access to durable items.

  • Fulfillment of All Quality Standards

Besides the use of high-quality materials, Chinese manufacturers go the extra mile to fulfill all quality and safety standards.

All international and national quality standards are considered by the manufacturers in China while making the best adjustable office desks.

  • Inspection Before Shipping

Another trait that determines the trustworthy production of adjustable office desks in China is inspecting the item before handling them to the customers.

The Chinese manufacturers have a specialized team of inspectors who perform regular and brief inspections of the desks.

  • Use of Modern Technology

Chinese manufacturers are also known for producing the top-notch quality of adjustable office desks using cutting-edge technology.

They adopt modern manufacturing methods, including laser cutting, automatic robot welding, and hand fine polishing to produce adjustable office desks.

Figure 9 Good Quality Of Adjustable Office DeskFigure 9: Good Quality Of Adjustable Office Desk

10. Do I Get Any Discount On Bulk Import Of Adjustable Office Desk From China?

Chinese suppliers are known to provide the most beneficial and affordable discount on all types of adjustable office desks you want.

The office desk suppliers in China have now issued special discount offers that suit majority of the buyers around the globe.

Moreover, they help the customers by allowing them to place their orders in bulk.

Trandesk is well-famous when it comes to getting the highly demanded discount process for adjustable office desks.

Besides this, many other methods can help you to get valuable discounts on your orders.

You can bookmark the manufacturer’s website to your home page to get all necessary updates.

In addition to the manufacturer’s website, you can contact their support team for further details.

11. Is There Any Warranty Of Adjustable Office Desk?

Many models of adjustable office desks are available with five or more than five years of prominent warranty.

The warranty services of the adjustable office desks are eligible for all types.

However, some of the excellent services available with a service warranty of the adjustable office desk contain repairing the desk, replacing all the damaged parts, and installing them.

The manufacturer will be eligible for removing the distress the customers faced during the warranty of the adjustable office desk.

Besides this, many other manufacturers provide a vast variety of options for the warranty of these desks.

12. How To Choose The Right Manufacturer Of Adjustable Office Desk?

The steps for choosing the proper manufacturer of executive standing desks are given as under:

  • Explore the Online Options

There are many options for executive standing desk manufacturers on the online sources.

Make sure to explore them and shortlist the best options by checking their efficiency.

Once you have selected the proper manufacturer, it’s time to contact them through their email or contact number.

  • Look for Best Options

The efficient manufacturers of the executive standing desks have plenty of options to choose from.

Thus, try to find the best options from collecting the executive standing desks at the manufacturer’s site.

  • Check the Manufacturing Process

The quality of the executive standing desks is visible from the process they are manufactured.

Don’t forget to visit the manufacturing place before placing an order. This step is essential for determining the reliability and quality of the executive standing desk.

  • Look for the Use of Materials

Ensure that the manufacturer uses the highest quality of materials to make the executive standing desks.

The type and the quality of materials used for manufacturing the executive standing desks determine the longevity of the executive standing desks.

  • Height Range of the Desk

Many different Chinese manufacturers come with versatile types of height in the adjustable office desks.

Thus when looking for reliable manufacturers for adjustable office desks, therefore, make sure about the availability of varying heights of the desks available at the manufacturer’s site.

  • Customization Services

The selected manufacturer should provide all types of customization services, including the design, size, and the type of the executive standing desk.

The customization services for the executive standing desks will cost you a bit more than the simple executive standing desks.

13. What Are The Advantages of an Adjustable Office Desk In Office?

The surprising benefits of using an adjustable office desk are given as below:

  • They help to increase the working posture
  • Adjustable office desks significantly reduce back pain by maintaining the posture
  • Adjustable desks in the office play the leading role in reducing heart diseases in workers
  • They offer alteration between sit and stand positions
  • They increase the productivity of the workers to a greater extent
  • These desks help to reduce the weight gain and obesity in the workers
  • Sugar level maintenance is another benefit of the adjustable office desks
  • Adjustable office desks improve the mood of the officers
  • These desks increase the energy level of the workers
  • These desks resolve the problem of increasing the working space
  • They offer substantial functional space to the workers
  • These office desks are perfect for position alteration during the working hours

Figure 10 Benefits Of Using an Adjustable Office DeskFigure 10: Benefits Of Using an Adjustable Office Desk

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14. How Long Does Chinese Desk Manufacturer Take To Deliver Your Adjustable Office Desk Order?

The Chinese adjustable office desk manufacturers take about 30 to 45 days to deliver the item through sea shipping.

However, the delivery time of the adjustable office desks depends on the method adopted to transport the item around the globe.

There are many other options for shipping the adjustable office desks to different countries. Some of these shipping methods include freight and air freight systems.

The freight and air freight systems take a shorter time than the sea shipping for transporting the adjustable office desks.

If you want a speedy delivery of the adjustable office desks, you can head out to Trandesk since they provide the most efficient transport methods.

15. Why Are Adjustable Office Desks Better Than Normal Office Desks?

Adjustable office desks are better than regular office desks because these desks provide an uncomplicated change of the working posture.

The alteration between the sitting and standing posture has increased the access for the users to work for longer hours without.

The sitting posture and the availability of motor features in the adjustable office desks prevent back complaints among the users.

Another factor that makes the adjustable office desks better than the standard office desks is the increased working performance among the office workers.

The office employees’ enhanced concentration and working motivation are also considered the plus point of the adjustable office desks.

Figure 11 Adjustable Office Desks Better Than Normal Office DesksFigure 11: Adjustable Office Desks Better Than Normal Office Desks

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16. What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Office Desk Manufacturers Have?

Some of the manufacturing standards of the Chinese adjustable office desks that all manufacturers, including Trandesk, are:

  • ISO 9000 Standard

It is also one of the essential standards in manufacturing a Chinese adjustable office desk that ensures everything about the organization’s management system.

In addition to this, this standard also deals with the supply of products and services that meet customer demands.

Some other manufacturing certifications for Chinese adjustable office desks are:

  • UL Certification for making sure about the insurance of quality standards for new products in North America
  • SAA Certification complies with the safety and regulatory requirements for adjustable office desks in Australia
  • CE Certification is common in Europe to ensure whether the product has met EU safety standards or not.

Almost all Chinese manufacturers, including Trandesk, have made every possible measure to fulfill all these quality standards in constructing adjustable office desks.

17. What Are Some Recommended Adjustable Office Desk Designs By Trandesk?

Some of the recommended adjustable office desk designs designed by Trandesk are given as under:

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