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There is no issue with your standing desk. All Trandesk products have third-party testing, and internal quality control that is higher than the third-party testing standards, 5-year warranty.

Your Premier Adjustable Height Workbenches Manufacturer In China

Trandesk is China’s leading standing desk manufacturer with a history of more than 5 years.

Trandesk has 6 workshops, from mold processing, plastic parts processing, metal processing, powder coating, assembly, packaging, etc. to manufacture your Adjustable Height Workbenches.

Trandesk uses laser cutting, robotic welding and automatic powder coating. Your Adjustable Height Workbenches can be designed quickly, produced in small batches, accept customized orders, and have stable quality

Trandesk Adjustable Height Workbenches Project

You can use Trandesk Adjustable Height Workbenches to grow your furniture business.

Trandesk uses special steel to ensure that the standing table legs are not deformed for a long time, with a larger load, and support personalized customization, to create excellent Adjustable Height Workbenches for the industrial field. We are also a manufacturer, and we can appreciate the health care that workers need. This allows us to make better products

Adjustable Height Workbenches Production Process


Raw Material Laser Cutting

Trandesk uses advanced laser cutting machines to ensure the fast and efficient production of standing desk legs, with a cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, and advanced equipment to provide you with the best quality products.

Robot Automatic Welding

Trandesk use Robot Automatic Welding can ensure fast and accurate welding, effectively shortening the delivery time. Trandesk now has 6 robotic welding machines, and is still purchasing to meet customer order requirements.


Hand Fine Polishing

Trandesk uses a combination of manual and machine methods to ensure polishing.
Use manual flexibility to deal with the irregularities of welding scars, Trandesk flexible use to provide the highest quality manufacturing solutions to provide you with the best products.


Fully Automatic Powder Coating

Trandesk uses Fully Automatic Powder Coating​ to provide customers with stable quality. For example, the use of Fully Automatic Powder Coating can provide a stable and balanced temperature, and the use of robotic spraying can ensure that the powder is at the same thickness.
The automatic powder coating line can provide efficiency, and integrated to ensure product quality.


Semi-automatic Assembly

The Semi-automatic Assembly, which Trandesk independently participated in the design, can effectively increase production capacity and produce products with stable quality.

The QC process control unit is integrated to further improve quality.



Trandesk’s packaging and final quality control can provide customers with perfectly protected products.
Accept customized packaging and customized cables.
Trandesk also provides packaging solutions based on zero environmental impact, contact us for more information

Adjustable Height Workbenches– The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Aren’t you surprised by the increased productivity of workers at certain workplaces?

Have you considered reducing the absence of your employees?

In both of these cases, an ergonomic adjustable height workbench seems like the best solution.

We have worked tirelessly to compile the most frequently asked questions about adjustable height workbenches, their advantages, and uses.

Let’s explore the information below!

1.  What Is an Adjustable Height Workbench?

Adjustable height workbench is defined as a particular type of workbench with the feature to raise and lower the height according to the user’s comfort zone.

The availability of transition in the different height forms enables the workers to work with improved flexibility and increased productivity.

They work by altering the position between sitting and standing. Many adjustable height workbenches come with integrated motors which change their heights.

Almost all types of adjustable height workbenches are standard in workplaces which demand assembly work or places like the production lines.

Not only this, the users can easily switch between sitting and standing positions according to the states they are comfortable in.

Thus, the adjustable-height workbenches play the leading role in improving the ergonomic work state of the workers.

Adjustable height workbenches are also known to be used in companies that are equipped with multiple operators.

Besides the multiple operators, adjustable height workbenches are also helpful for shift work.

Many industries and workplaces tend to introduce the usage of adjustable height workbenches among their workers since they significantly improve the working state and productivity.

These desks cost a bit higher than the usual workbenches because of the presence of many ergonomic features.

Figure 1 Adjustable Height Workbench Figure 1: Adjustable Height Workbench

2.  What Are The Specifications Of An Adjustable Height Workbench?

The specifications of an adjustable height workbench are listed as under:

  • They are pretty simple to use and adjust the height
  • The height transition is safe for the workers
  • They are primarily designed for the industrial and packing industries
  • These desks are also used in the assembly areas
  • They are user-friendly because of their ergonomic design
  • Adjustable height workbenches are made up of high-quality materials
  • They work with three different movement mechanisms, including the Allen key, hand crank, and the electric motor
  • Easily accessible buttons are also present for adjusting the height
  • They are perfect for those who have low productivity
  • These desks move in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions
  • They are ideal for the industries where varying height workbenches are required
  • They are known to improve the ergonomic positions of the workers
  • Adjustable height workbenches are available with the storage facilities for keeping tools
  • They are made sturdy enough to handle the heavyweight of objects
  • They are available with a handy installation process

Figure 2 Specifications Of An Adjustable Height WorkbenchFigure 2: Specifications Of An Adjustable Height Workbench

3.  What is a Hand Crank Adjustable Height Workbench?

A hand crank adjustable height workbench is a particular type of adjustable height workbench available with durable hand cranks for changing the heights.

They are available with a modular high weight capacity that ranges up to 1000lb.

Moreover, the hand crank adjustable height workbench comes with highly ergonomically adjustable legs, which can be easily adjustable according to the convenience level of the workers.

You can alternate the heights of the hand crank adjustable height workbench between 28″ to 40″. Thus, these adjustable height workbenches provide an opportunity to work with ease.

In addition to this, you can use the hand crank to adjust the desk to a level compatible with your comfort zone.

The majority of the hand crank adjustable height workbenches are mainly designed for industrial use where heavy objects are placed on the workbenches.

Besides the industries, hand crank adjustable workbenches are also perfect for small shops where heavy-duty work is performed.

You can contact Trandesk to get the highest-quality hand crank adjustable height workbenches.

Figure 3 Hand Crank Adjustable Height WorkbenchFigure 3: Hand Crank Adjustable Height Workbench

4.  How Long Does An Adjustable Height Workbench Last?

An adjustable height workbench lasts for a lifetime if used with great care.

However, the adjustable-height workbenches with a high workload are expected to last for 10 to 15 years.

Many important factors affect the life of an adjustable height workbench. Some of these factors are given as under:

  • Extent of Lifting

The number of transitions of various heights in an adjustable height workbench significantly impacts its life duration.

The adjustable height workbench that covers less lifting in a year is expected to last longer.

  • Quality of Materials

Another factor that impacts the life of the adjustable height workbenches is the quality of raw materials used in their construction.

Adjustable height workbenches made up of premium quality steel and wood last longer than those made up of plastic.

  • Method of Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing is also known for impacting the lifespan of the adjustable height workbenches.

The adjustable workbenches made from automated machinery have higher chances to last longer than the desk manufactured manually.

Trandesk is one of those efficient Chinese manufacturers that supply the highest-quality adjustable height workbenches known to last longer than other workbenches.

Figure 4 Life of Adjustable Height WornchkbeFigure 4: Life of Adjustable Height Workbench

5.  What Size Adjustable Height Workbench Do I Need?

The most suitable size that you need for your workplace ranges from 680mm to 720mm above the floor.

However, the size of the adjustable height workbenches depends on the workplace and the user’s comfort zone.

If you’re using a workbench in a garage, the depth of the adjustable height workbench should be 28-36 inches, the width of the workbench should be from 48 to 96 inches, and the height of the adjustable workbench should be 28 to 38 inches.

But if we talk about the most common and perfect size and height of the adjustable height workbench, it is estimated from 36 to 38 inches.

This estimated size of the adjustable height workbench is perfect for the extended comfort of the users at all workplaces.

Besides the estimated values for the height, width, or depth of the adjustable height workbenches, many other factors need to be kept in mind while choosing the size of these workbenches.

Some of these factors are:

  • Workspace available
  • Height of the user
  • Comfort zone of the worker
  • The extent of the work done on the adjustable height workbench

Figure 5 Size of Adjustable Height Workbench Figure 5: Size of Adjustable Height Workbench

6.  Can I Get Customized Adjustable Height Workbenches In Bulk From China?

You can get customized adjustable height workbenches in bulk from China by contacting the most efficient manufacturers there.

There is a long list of prominent adjustable height workbench manufacturers in China which provide the most reliable services for customization.

Trandesk is also included in one of these Chinese manufacturers, which satisfy the customers by customizing their adjustable height workbenches.

You can approach their support team to alter the size, height, material, or type of the adjustable height workbench.

The manufacturer will ship the customized workbench to your place in the suggested time interval.

Figure 6 Customized Adjustable Height Workbenches 1Figure 6: Customized Adjustable Height Workbenches

7.  Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Good Quality Of Adjustable Height Workbenches?

Chinese manufacturers provide good quality adjustable height workbenches to users all around the world.

They stand rightly on all the quality and safety standards for manufacturing adjustable height workbenches for their customers.

Trandesk is also included in the loss of those Chinese manufacturers who stand top of the list to provide the highest quality of adjustable height workbenches without any inconvenience.

They adopt modern manufacturing techniques for increasing the production durability of the adjustable workbenches.

Some of the manufacturing techniques Chinese manufacturers implement for making the adjustable height workbenches include laser cutting, robotic welding, and automatic powder coating.

All you need to do is contact the most efficient Chinese manufacturer to get the highest quality of adjustable height workbenches at reasonable prices.

Figure 7 Good Quality Of Adjustable Height WorkbenchesFigure 7:  Good Quality Of Adjustable Height Workbenches

8.  Do I Get Any Discount On Bulk Import Of Adjustable Height Workbenches From China?

Chinese suppliers provide the most beneficial and affordable discount on all types of adjustable height workbenches you want.

The adjustable height workbenches suppliers in China have now issued special discount offers that suit the majority of the buyers around the globe.

Moreover, they help the customers by allowing them to place their orders in bulk.

Trandesk is well-famous when it comes to getting the highly demanded discount process for adjustable height workbenches.

Besides this, many other methods can help you to get valuable discounts on your orders.

You can bookmark the manufacturer’s website to your home page to get all necessary updates.

In addition to the manufacturer’s website, you can contact their support team for further details.

Figure 8 Discount On Bulk Import Of Adjustable Height WorkbenchesFigure 8: Discount On Bulk Import Of Adjustable Height Workbenches

9.  Is There Any Warranty Of Adjustable Height Workbench?

Many models of adjustable height workbenches are available with five or more than five years of prominent warranty.

The warranty services of the adjustable height workbenches are eligible for all types.

However, some of the excellent services available with a warranty on the adjustable height workbenches include repairing the desk, replacing all the damaged parts, and installing them.

The manufacturer will be eligible for removing the distress the customers faced during the warranty of the adjustable height workbenches.

Besides this, many other manufacturers provide a wide variety of options for the warranty of these workbenches.

Figure 9 Warranty Of Adjustable Height Workbench 1Figure 9:  Warranty Of Adjustable Height Workbench

10.How To Choose The Right Manufacturer Of Adjustable Height Workbench?

The steps for choosing the proper manufacturer of executive standing desks are given as under:

  • Search the Online Options

There are many options for adjustable height workbench manufacturers on the online sources.

Make sure to explore them and shortlist the best options by checking their efficiency.

Once you have selected the proper manufacturer, it’s time to contact them through their email or contact number.

  • Choose the Best Options

The efficient manufacturers of the adjustable height workbenches have plenty of options to choose from.

Thus, find the best options by collecting the adjustable height workbenches at the manufacturer’s site.

  • Check the Manufacturing Process

The quality of the adjustable height workbenches is visible from the process they are manufactured.

Don’t forget to visit the manufacturing place before placing an order. This step is essential for determining the reliability and quality of the executive standing desk.

  • Look for the Use of Materials

Ensure that the manufacturer uses the highest quality of materials to make the adjustable height workbenches.

The type and the quality of materials used for manufacturing the adjustable height workbenches determine the longevity of the executive standing desks.

  • Height Range of the Desk

Many different Chinese manufacturers come with versatile types of height in the adjustable height workbenches.

Thus, when looking for reliable manufacturers for adjustable height workbenches, make sure about the availability of varying heights of the workbenches available at the manufacturer’s site.

  • Customization Services

The selected manufacturer should provide all types of customization services, including the design, size, and the type of adjustable height workbenches.

The customization services for the adjustable height workbenches will cost you a bit more than the simple adjustable workbenches.

Trandesk can be your best pick if you want to get your hands on the most reliable services for manufacturing adjustable height workbenches.

Figure 10 Right Manufacturer Of Adjustable Height Workbench (2)Figure 10: Right Manufacturer Of Adjustable Height Workbench

11.What Are The Benefits Of Using Adjustable Height Workbench In Workspace?

The benefits of using an adjustable height workbench in a workplace are listed as under:

  • The electric control in the adjustable height workbench makes weight lifting easy.
  • The hydraulic height adjustment makes the tasks easy for the workers
  • They can bear the heavyweight of the tools and other objects
  • The electric motor mechanism increases the adjustability of the height at workplaces
  • The ergonomic working position of the workers is also increased with the use of adjustable height workbenches
  • They can easily be adapted to the type of work because of their versatility

Figure 11 Benefits Of Using Adjustable Height Workbench In WorkspaFigure 11: Benefits Of Using Adjustable Height Workbench In Workspace

12.How Long Does Chinese Desk Manufacturer Take To Deliver Your Adjustable Height Workbench Order By Sea?

Chinese adjustable height workbench manufacturers take almost 45 days to deliver these desks to you by sea.

However, the time duration for the shipment of the adjustable height workbenches differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Some adjustable height workbench manufacturers also adopt other shipping methods, including freight and air freight, to transport these items to the customers.

Freight and air freight shipping mechanisms take almost four to five days to transport the adjustable height workbenches worldwide.

13.Why Are Adjustable Height Workbenches Better Than Normal Work Benches?

Adjustable height workbenches are better than normal workbenches because of the following reasons:

  • They are known to be available with more outstanding durability than normal workbenches.
  • Adjustable height workbenches provide a high heavyweight capacity as compared to standard workbenches.
  • They significantly improve the working efficiency of the workers than the other workbenches
  • The ergonomic design of the adjustable height workbenches prevent injuries in the workplaces
  • They can be adjusted according to the height of the users as compared to the other workbenches

What Quality Certifications Do Chinese Adjustable Height Workbench Manufacturers Have?

Some of the manufacturing standards of the Chinese adjustable height workbenches that all manufacturers, including Trandesk, are:

  • ISO 9000 Standard

It is also one of the essential standards in manufacturing Chinese adjustable height workbenches that ensures everything about the organization’s management system.

In addition to this, this standard also deals with the supply of products and services that meet customer demands.

Some other manufacturing certifications for Chinese adjustable height workbenches are:

  • UL Certification for making sure about the insurance of quality standards for new products in North America
  • SAA Certification complies with the safety and regulatory requirements for adjustable height workbenches in Australia
  • CE Certification is common in Europe to ensure whether the product has met EU safety standards or not.

Almost all Chinese manufacturers, including Trandesk, have made every possible measure to fulfill all these quality standards in constructing adjustable height workbenches.



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